Horror fans get excited: a brand new immersive escape room is on its way to London in time for Halloween. Saw: The Experience will be based off the gory, blood splattered film series and is the first UK version of a production that’s already been successful over in the US. Make sure to grab your friends- and some serious nerves of steel.

The show comes from the same entertainment group as the popular immersive experience Monopoly Lifesized, but there’ll be no bright colours and top-hatted mascots here. SAW: The Experience aims to recreate the creepy, grungy vibe of the films. Much like each SAW instalment, you’ll be placed in various terrifying scenarios in which you have to find a way to free yourself- before it’s too late. Unlike the various unfortunates in the franchise, you won’t be brutally murdered, but you’ll certainly feel the tension and fear of the films.

You’ll be expected to work together rather than fight for your own survival, and the whole even will take place across multiple escape rooms. Iconic props and traps from the films can be found throughout the building, and you’ll get clues to the solution to each puzzle by the voice of Jigsaw and his iconic creepy puppet Billy, just like in the movies. You’ll unravel some of the mysteries of the SAW universe as you go, with actors some times appearing in the rooms with you to give further clues and details. There’s no exact venue for the, uh, “fun and games”, but it’ll be announced closer to the opening.

Oren Koules and Mark Burg, two producers of the SAW franchise commented that “Our SAW fans reach every corner of the globe, so we can’t wait to bring the films to life in London as an immersive escape experience. Now fans can be a part of the story and uncover what Jigsaw’s twisted games have in store for them firsthand at SAW: The Experience.”

While the traps and escape rooms are obviously not designed to harm you- but make sure you don’t take anyone who’s sensitive to strobe effects or has heart conditions/has trouble with enclosed spaces.


While there’s been a few SAW attractions like the SAW Alive maze at Thorpe Park, the upcoming escape room experience is the first to really put you in the centre of the films and immerse yourself in the scares and shocks of the gory franchise.

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