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Building, or at least renovating, your dream house takes a lot of time, planning, patience and, unfortunately, a big lump sum of money. It’s not an easy task, and for some people, it’s easier to just skip the hassle and buy a new build or an already renovated house to save you the time, effort and headache. But for others, it’s an adventure, a lifelong dream and an exciting prospect to really create something you can call your own. 

But like any major project, there’s a TikTok trend to help you along the way, offering tips, tricks and inspiration for your future endeavours. TikTok home renovations are fun, exciting and entertaining to see the transformation, from start to finish. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’re in the process of buying a house with the hope of renovating in the near future or you just like being a fly on the wall of people’s homes, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite TikTok accounts dedicated to home renovation. Expect everything from modern designs to country chic.


TikToker, YouTuber and content creator, Melissa Metrano has recently built her dream house and she’s brought her 4.3million followers on TikTok along for the ride. 

Amidst the viral TikTok trends and family content, Melissa’s TikTok is filled with her dream home. Both her and her husband had spent over a year dreaming up and building their dream forever home, from drawing up the designs to picking out the finishing touches. She’s shared with her followers, the process, from updates to designing her dream outdoor swimming pool (which we’re incredibly jealous of). 

Of course many of us Brits, especially Londoners, don’t have the luxury for huge outdoor spaces and we aren’t always blessed with sunny skies, but Melissa Metrano’s swimming pool journey is a fun, dream-like experience we want to be a part of. Follow along yourself for house renovation tips, from start to finish, and interiors inspo to for that dream Hollywood house everyone has once dreamt about.


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♬ Lofi – Domknowz


Dreaming up your forever home takes a lot of time and patience, so if you’re wondering how long it’ll take you and where you can cut and save costs, @_forthehome is the perfect place for all of that inspiration, tips and more.

This TikTok account is dedicated to the home, from its beginnings to its end, and shows in several ‘glow up’ videos that the process isn’t always pretty, predictable or quick but the result is always worth it. 

Follow along and watch Christine, owner of the account, show you around her dream house, offering you tips, tricks and DIY inspiration. For us it’s the ‘glow up’ before and after shots that really put into perspective how much work, effort and time goes into creating a dream house, but it’s a really fun process to watch unfold.


From RightMove to renovation, @TourOfSeventyFour takes you on a journey of their renovation process in Derbyshire, UK. The couple have worked together to create their little 1930s home into a dream canvas for them to work on, from dramatically changing the exteriors with a lick of paint, new windows and front door, to entirely reworking their kitchen. 

Since October 2019, the couple have been busy saving up money and renovating, adding their own unique style and touch to the space. 

Follow along for everything from the storyline process to quick renovation to dream kitchen process. We love their 19 months in 60 seconds video, because you really get to see the adventure in quick time.


Boasting over 650k followers and 5.9million likes on TikTok alone, it’s clear to see we aren’t the only ones committed to follow first time buyers, Angelina and Skyler as they completely transform their 1950s LA house into a dream space for the pair to live. 

Spread over 60+ videos, the pair guide you on their journey with them, from picking up the keys to the two and a half months it took to tear up their house to create a dream canvas. 

From trending bathroom reveals to a step-by-step 36 part renovation process, look back at their older videos and see the transformation come to life in a matter of minutes. It’ll fuel your imagination and prove just how much time and effort goes into creating the end result.


Mixed amongst her take on the viral trends and humorous videos, Charlotte Greedy took her 100+ thousand followers on her renovation process, proving you don’t need huge amounts of money to create your dream home. She too joined the TikTok world of home renovation projects and opted for the stick on tiles that have been splattered across the platform, but fortunately, her result worked really well! 

Watch her ‘glow up’ videos, room tours and cleaning videos as you follow Charlotte on her journey to creating her dream home.

Can't afford tiles? Try the TikTok stick on trend...


Interior designer and architect, Emily Shaw has crafted a TikTok account around her career, DIY journeys and renovation processes. A lot of her work is based around budget items and swaps that you can incorporate in your renovations and interiors that look just as good but are a fraction of the price. 

We fell in love with her platform after we saw her video surprising her parents with a home redesign while they were on holiday, their reaction is adorable and the result is priceless. 

Emily has also worked with loads of different size spaces, from dorm rooms to her current loft project that’s her own first time buy. If you’re looking to cut costs and keep your budget down, follow Emily for inspiration.


Another TikTok account centred around low costs and budgets is @LetsMakeThisHouseAHome, a project between Helen and her partner as they renovate their 1930s house. 

Completed in just five months, Helen takes you on the journey with her through photo and short video clips to show the entire process from start to finish. There’s also a whole video dedicated to what the couple did to keep the costs down, including labour they did themselves rather than hiring someone else to do it. This in tow cut the labour costs altogether and helped them learn new tips, tricks and skills in the process. 

Mixed amongst the home renovation clips, Helen also shares some of her favourite companies and designs which she used or thought about using too, which can help provide you with inspiration for your own choices.


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♬ wasted potential – chillytunees


Answer to @harveyandchristopher we hope to have a few of the prep projects done by the end of the summer #victorianhouse #restoration #renovation

♬ suono originale – Matteo De Grandis


For some Victorian house inspiration, look to Kate from @The1880sOctagon. The architecture and design of Kate’s house is beautiful, but the interiors are run down and need to be given a new lease which is what she’s hoping to achieve through her renovation process. 

It’s clear from the get-go that Kate is hoping to keep the spirit of the house alive through the interior design and details, from antique fixtures through to updated stylish taps and windows. Over the 200+ videos, Kate shows the step-by-step process, mixing it amongst design ideas, renovation costs and plans for future projects. 

Follow along for exciting updates and plans on this little old Victorian dream house.

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