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A piece of classic Americana is set to become a staple of British life this summer, and we’re not talking about obesity, handguns or vexatious litigation.

The drive-in movie is about as American as being arrested for jay walking and, in normal times, is just as unnecessary, after all London has some of the best luxury cinemas in the world. But these aren’t normal times, so fasten your seatbelt and set the sat-nav for 1950…

Luna Cinema

Luna Cinema would normally be cranking up their summer season of open air gigs, mounting their massive screen and putting on some classic movies.

We, and no doubt they, are hoping that they can still bump start their regular season as the pandemic ebbs away, but meantime there’s something just as good, a drive-in.

With food on tap, great films lined up (it really is a very good line up of classics, from Jurassic Park and Mrs Doubtfire to Joker and Reservoir Dogs), and a scorching summer ahead, there’s every reason to roll up at Saracen’s rugby club car park from 4th July.

If you fancy a rather more impressive surroundings, plus a beautiful day in the countryside to boot, then Luna Cinema will also be setting up shop at Blenheim Palace.

Drive & Dine Theatre

Tom Kerridge is coming out of lockdown hibernation all guns blazing. Faced with the same social distancing conundrum that the rest of the industry’s grappling with, the chef has ensured he’s first out of the gates when Boris fires the starting pistol by embracing the ultimate COVID-safe dining solution, the Drive-In.

Kerridge’s Pub in the Park concept has been tweaked, and venues secured to bring us the Drive & Dine Theatre. Which basically does exactly what it says on the tin.

The Michelin Starred chef has designed a simple menu perfect for film lovers to enjoy (maple bacon cheeseburgers, a chicken tikka masala plus a five-bean chilli burrito for the vegans).


@TheDriveIn which, confusingly, isn’t their social media handle, is a touring cinema bringing state-of-the-art drive-in tech from the US to the UK this summer.

Visiting London in July and September, expect roller-skating waitresses and waiters, a selection of classic pictures (including Back To The Future and Jaws) plus comedy warm-up acts and bingo!

The Drive In

Not to be confused with @TheDriveIn; quite why two organisations chose to run with basically the same, albeit obvious, name is baffling.

Opening as soon as hospitality lockdown lifts, on 4th July, The Drive In at Troubadour Meridian Water in Enfield will be doling out a whole lot of ’50s nostalgia with live actors, classic cinema refreshments, comedy and entertainment as well as feature films including La La Land and The Terminator.

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