Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are kind of like the Marmite of Easter (so this could go either way), but if you’re the type that gets giddy post-Christmas when they hit the stores, you’re in for a treat.

John Lewis & Partners have just launched the first ever Cadbury Crème Egg EATertainment store in its Oxford Street shop – basically an excuse to milk Easter out for as long as possible – and it will give the Creme Egg obsessed the chance to make their own personalised tin of the divisive Cadburys treat. Remember when they brought out the personalised tins of Quality Street? Well, it’s that, just with Easter in mind instead of Christmas.

While Quality Streets offer up a bit of variety, Creme Eggs are pretty vom-inducing (has anyone ever eaten more than one in a single sitting?) so you have to be pretty hardcore to want to fill a whole tin of them. To make the tins egg-stra (sorry) special, John Lewis and Cadburys have created a combination of 12 eggs and three mini filled egg bags so that customers can create their own bespoke tin full of the chocolate eggs.

Plus, just like the Quality Street pop-up, you can add someone’s name – up to 11 characters – to the tin to win over any Creme Egg diehards you know.

The space at the Oxford Street store has definitely been curated with Instagram in mind as it’s been made to look like a retro video shop – selfie opps imminent. Little Creme Egg fans probably have no clue what a video rental store is, but it will provide millennials and above with some sweet toothed nostalgia, thanks to the chocolate-inspired film cases that have the famous gooey white and yolk at the centre of their storylines.

To make it all the more reminiscent of the days of Blockbusters (RIP), there will be films from all genres to browse from documentaries to rom-coms and horrors. There will even be trailers of faux Creme Egg themed short films showing on screens, including The Delivery’, ‘The Other Half’ and ‘Armeggeddon. Egg-spect the egg puns to be unescapable.

The space is a must visit for Creme Egg fans and an excuse to get your sweet treats kicks in the run up to Easter.

The Home of EATertainment will open in John Lewis & Partners Oxford Street is open now until 13th April and can be found on the Lower Ground Floor.

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