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News broke last week confirming the second series for the highly criticised series Emily in Paris, which basically means enough of us watched it to warrant a part deux. So, are we all closet Emily fans? And just how would Emily fare in London?

The news was broken via Netflix, on their official Twitter, and accompanied by a fictional letter from Savoir, the luxury agency Emily (Lily Collins) works for, in which her boss, Sylvie Grateau (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) informs the U.S. office that they’ll need Emily’s assistance, no matter how annoying they find her, or how annoying we find her either. 

“Despite her overconfident manner and lack of prior experience in luxury goods marketing, she has nonetheless managed to charm some of our hard-to-impress clients during her short time at Savoir. Call it bonne chance, or American ingenuity—I’m leaning towards the former—her results are impressive.”

The creators then go on, seemingly mocking themselves while poking fun at their critics, too. The statement continues, “We hope that by extending her time in Paris, Emily will further the relationships she has already made, delve deeper into our culture, and perhaps pick up a few words of basic French.”

Lily Collins as Emily Cooper

So, what is the appeal? No 20-something Brit could land a job at a highly regarded French Marketing agency without speaking a word of French. No junior-level marketing girl has a Chanel handbag collection to rival the Editor of French Vogue‘s. And her slightly utopian, over-zealous approach to life surely grates on our typically deadpan (British) demeanour.

But despite the clichés and the criticism, it was one of Netflix’s most-watched series. So are we all secretly hate-watching it? Or are we all so fed up with 2020’s apocalyptic-like mood, that a really, really light rom-com is just what we need? Being blissfully-ignorant, employed and brazenly flaunting a wardrobe full of designer swag definitely beats our current norm of tracksuits and takeaways.


Obviously if Emily were in London, things would be different for her, too. She’d be more likely to meet someone after swiping right a hundred times on Tinder than the happy coincidence of a master chef in the flat downstairs. We’re pretty sure he wouldn’t be named after an angel either – Gabriel (played by Lucas Bravo) is Emily’s main love interest in the series.

And instead of Breton tees, berets and boulangeries, we have our beloved Dr Martens, beanies and BLTs. If Emily does ever do London, she’d be advised to leave her stilettos in Paris and take heed of the below. We favour a more undone approach to fashion this side of the pond.


That said, on a good day Tower Bridge boasts most excellent selfie-game, Columbia Road Flower Market has beautiful fresh cut blooms, you could swing by Annabel’s in Mayfair for a picturesque breakfast.

For now though, we’ll gladly (and slightly ashamedly) take onboard the news of Season Two. Because maybe what we all need this year is optimism and escapism, and maybe Netflix really IS the only option, until the air bridges open again anyway. Creator Darren Star told Oprah Magazine, “Season two will open up some interesting and surprising relationship avenues”. We guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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