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If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, or even patio right now, we seriously envy you. But while we’re practicing social distancing from the comfort of our sofa, there is one way that allows us to welcome the outdoors into your living space and that’s through incorporating a houseplant or two.

From houseplants that help purifier the air to some that can survive even if you forget to give them a spritz of water, here’s 15 of our favourites to help breathe some life into your home.

Low-Light Saviours

Finding an apartment that’s bursting with natural sunlight in London is hard to come by. The majority of us live in shoe-boxed sized shared houses, or have the ‘luxury’ of living in a dingy basement flat with very few windows. If that’s the case for you, we’re here to introduce the houseplants that’ll help give you a burst of fresh air from inside. 

The zamioculca zamiifolia, hilariously nicknamed the ZZ plant, is the ideal houseplant for newbies to the plant world. It needs very little looking after. All you need to do is give this green beauty the occasional water and you’ll see it flourish season after season. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can help it out with a fluorescent light and see it grow up to 28 inches tall. 

Like most low-light saviours, the snake plant and spider plant both flourish on being a little on the dry side. These two plants follow suit on their animalistic characteristics, with the snake plant adopting lengthy, pillar-like leaves and the spider plant replicates the spiralling legs of everyone’s favourite eight legged creepy crawly.

Zamioculca Zamiifolia

Price: £8.00-£57.00

Snake Plant

Price: £20.00

Sun Traps

If you’re lucky enough to have floor-to-ceiling windows that help London’s balmy days glide in, you’re probably on the search for a green leaved gem that’ll glisten in the sunlight. 

Starting things off small, we absolutely adore an iron cross begonia. Native to southern China and northern Vietnam, this species of green is very much used to its sunny climes and will need a little TCL, but its textured leaves and bright personality of colours will make it worthwhile and consolidates its right for a prime spot on your dusty ol’ windowsill. 

Those looking to blow the budget on a new plant friend should get their hands on a cactus euphorbia or a fiddle leaf fig tree. Although it’s not technically in the cacti family, the cactus euphorbia draws on similar characteristics, namely that it’s a sucker for bright light and requires very little watering. It looks super cute too. 

For those wanting to wow your friends and family should definitely invest in a fiddle leaf fig tree. Native to western Africa, these leaves need light and a little water, but they’re stylish and help add a statement to any room. If you can’t quite commit to a big bundle of leaves, PATCH does have a starter tree that’s a little more affordable.

Cactus Euphorbia

Price: £38.00-£70.00

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Price: £12.00-£220.00

Moisture Absorbers

Damn, we hate our pesky single glazed windows more than anything. They keep us cold in the winter months and attract condensation and black mould like there’s no tomorrow, but we have to grow to get used to them if we want to live the city lifestyle. Similarly if your extractor fan in the bathroom is far from effective you’ll want to purchase a few plants that’ll help soak up the excess moisture. One plant that’s on fighting form when it comes to absorbing moisture is the Boston fern. Native to the tropical fields of South American, the Boston fern loves its humidity so you’re a lover of hot, streamy showers this is your guy. Avoid letting its soil dry out too much and spritz its roots so allow its green leaves to thrive. 

Another fun addition to your bathroom could be the pineapple plant. This fruity number does enjoy its indirect light, but essentially it’s a real hassle free option that only needs misting every so often to ensure its humidity levels can be maintained. As tempting as it might be, don’t try sampling the pineapples that grow. They’re a little too on the sweet side.

Devils Ivy

Price: £15.00

Kitchen Warriors

While of course the best natural kitchen essentials are fresh produce and freshly grown herbs, but if you’re looking for another way to add a green touch to your kitchen cupboards, adding in a plant or two could help you spark up a bit of creativity in the cooking department. 

First up, you’re only to want to invest in a solid aloe vera. Known for its chirpy name, the aloe vera plant has become a kitchen essential across the globe thanks to its soothing gel inside its spiked leaves that helps to alleviate burns. These plants come in all shapes and sizes, and their leaves can get pretty heavy so you’ll want a solid, but cute, pot to avoid him toppling over. 

Perhaps better for a slightly larger kitchen, but we love a calathea sanderiana plant because of its lined leaves and upright posture. In terms of neediness, these Columbian natives love a warm and cosy spot with bright light, but not direct light. You’ll also want to go at its leaves with a damp cloth or sponge every now and then to help remove dust and unblock its precious pores, and it needs its daily spritzing too.  

If you’re looking to spruce up your cupboards, opt for a hanging friend. A hanging satin pothos needs little attention but will help to add a splash of colour to your kitchen.

Aloe Vera

Price: £7.50-£45.00

Mood Boosters

Everyone is in need of a mood booster from time to time, and right now, we can all agree we need one more than ever. What you might have first thought was a humble houseplant can often be found helping to purify the air and calm you down after a stressful day.

All of the plants in this article have underlying mood boosting qualities but we’ve popped in a couple more that we couldn’t live without. Perhaps more widely known as police officer Nicholas Angel’s (off of Hot Fuzz) houseplant of choice, but the peace lily is a firm favourite of ours thanks to its purifying qualities. According to PATCH, it’s even considered an ‘aura purifier’ in the Chinese art of feng shui. Pretty cool. Another popular air purifying option is a ficus elastica belize.

While you might think this one is all about the Spring veggie, the asparagus fern is far from its superior same named brother. But, its fluffy, delicate little leaves will bring you some calm after a whirlwind of a day at work.

Peace Lily

Price: £10.00-£55.00

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