London keeps answering questions we didn’t ask. Should Monopoly be a restaurant? What about putting french fries in milkshake? Oh and is it a really really bad idea to put alligators in the middle of a new housing development? (hint: yes, what were you thinking, London?) Well now the capital has turned its attention to another conundrum you didn’t know existed, what would a fried chicken themed hotel be like?

Fried chicken is incredibly popular, for one obvious reason: it tastes like fried chicken. London can’t get enough of this napkin-ruining foodstuff, with chicken joints popping up daily and over 8,000 chicken shops currently in operation. Which obviously made the ‘zany’ marketing team at KFC wonder ‘what about if KFC were a hotel too?’ And the answer, it turns out, is ‘finger-bitingly frightful’.

The chicken giant has launched a deep-fried staycation in partnership with to give  ‘lucky’ superfans the night of a lifetime. Between August 18th and 29th the House of Harland will be decked out in full fried-chicken regalia and fans will be able to book one night stays.

Each room is filled with chickeny details, from a KFC private cinema room, to a Finger Lickin’ ‘Press For Chicken’ button and Hot Winger Arcade Machine.

They're actually expecting people to pay for the experience...

The stay isn’t free, they’re actually expecting people to pay for the experience, though the £111 booking fee does go to the KFC Foundation.

If you’re lucky enough to secure a booking you’ll be picked up in a Black Cadillac (they’re calling it the Colonelmobile, after KFC founder Colonel Saunders), taken to the hotel where you’ll be checked in by the ‘Chick-In’ Clerk (this stuff is going to continue for the next 24 hours, be warned, the whole thing is very chicken heavy), and escorted to your room where you can watch chick-flicks in the cinema room (geddit?), enjoy complimentary botanical infused self-care essentials, enjoy drumstick details throughout (from the bedding to the wallpaper and towels) there’s even a chicken themed arcade machine Arcade Machine and towel.

Feeling peckish (groan)?

Feeling peckish (groan)? There’s even a ‘press for chicken’ concierge service.

The whole thing opens to bookings exclusively on at 11am on 11th August (hence the £111 per night rate) and the House of Harland pop-up will only be open for 11 nights. Perfect for the fried chicken lover. And nobody else…

Click this link on 11th August…

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