Ever Wondered What The Home Alone House Would Look Like Made Out Of Gingerbread?

8th December 2020

It’s a surprising fact that so few architects choose gingerbread as their medium. Ever since the Hansel & Gretl incident the construction industry has largely eschewed the material, unfairly favouring concrete, steel and brick when it comes to housebuilding.

Not so over at Disney+, though, where creativity runneth over, to the point where they’ve managed to turn the unlikely mixture into not only a homestead, but into a recreation of one of the world’s most famous homes: Kevin McCallister’s. Off of Home Alone.

Photo: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

Even the most casual Home Alone watcher will remember the eponymous home, a vast suburban Chicago house that made you wonder exactly what Mr McCallister did for a living to afford his mansion and Parisian holidays for his huge family.

And now it’s been lovingly recreated in gingerbread form by cake artist (yes, it’s a thing) Michelle Wibowo. The artist has previously forged the BFG out of Mr Kipling pies and crafted a life-sized Colin Firth in full Pride and Prejudice mode, but has perhaps excelled herself by caking this classic Christmas movie.

The artist has previously caked the BFG out of Mr Kipling pies...

Even the most casual Home Alone watcher will remember the eponymous home...

Photo: Matt Alexander/PA Wire
Photo: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

The replica took over 300 hours to make and measures approximately five and a half feet by four, and it includes a number of scenes from the film.

According to Wibowo ‘’I jumped at the chance because it is one of my favourite Christmas movies – it doesn’t really feel like Christmas in our house until we have seen it at least twice!

“I had so much fun making it look festive and I loved making those cheeky characters Kevin and burglars Harry and Marv. The scene also includes the infamous paint cans, the broken statue and the Christmas wreath on their front door – I hope everyone will enjoy spotting iconic details from the movie!’’

While the creation is clearly designed to jolt us into signing up to Disney+ in the run up to Christmas, there’s a heartwarming angle to all this commercialism, the The Home Alone gingerbread scene will now be taken to  the Oak Centre for Children and Young People at The Royal Marsden in Surrey, where paediatric patients and their families can enjoy the memories evoked  by the film too.

Perhaps they’ll let them eat it too?

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