From Gordon Ramsay’s reaction videos to the basic feta pasta trend that swept TikTok earlier this year, we aren’t short of viral foodie moments. But one that I’m sure we’re all guaranteed to remember is Salt Bae.

Nusret Gökçe, more commonly known as Salt Bae, stormed into the spotlight after a video of him seasoning meat went viral. Sure, it doesn’t sound like the most interesting of viral videos to have ever graced the internet, but it was the way he sassily seasoned the meat that caught everyone’s attention. 

Fast forward to 2021 and it’s been announced that Salt Bae will be opening up a restaurant in London! So for all of you meme lovers out there, you’ll soon be able to see if how Salt Bae prepares and seasons his meat is really worth the hype. 

Read on to find out everything we know about the opening so far…

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Let’s start with the basics… Who actually is Salt Bae?

If you haven’t seen the viral video that turned into one of the biggest foodie memes of all time, then you are probably a little confused right now. So let’s go back a few steps… Nusret Gökçe released a video of him preparing and seasoning a slab of meat in a rather unusual, sassy way (see left for what we mean). 

Since releasing the video on Instagram, he’s become an instantly recognisable name in the internet world, nicknamed Salt Bae. But even before Nusret released the video, he was already well established in the food industry. 

A Turkish chef and restaurateur, he owns a huge chain of steak houses across Europe, named Nusr-Et, and it’s been hinted that he’ll be opening up his first UK restaurant later this year.

Where will the restaurant be located?

While news about the restaurant opening is slim, we can confirm it is opening – hurrah! There are a few key factors that we already know about the opening too, including where Nusr-Et London will be located. 

The London outpost is set to open up its doors inside The Park Tower Knightsbridge, but confirmed dates are yet to follow. There was mention that the restaurant would be opening its doors back in May, when the government gave restaurants the green light to open up for indoor dining again. But the dates have obviously been pushed back again.

What sort of food can we expect?

One thing for certain is that we definitely do know what kind of food will be served up on the restaurant site. Meat. A whole lot of meat. 

Nusret’s restaurant establishment is known for serving up some of the best steaks in the business and the London site will be no different. Expect dishes such as Asado beef ribs; Beef carpaccio; and Jumbo shrimp. Alongside a huge selection of different beef cuts, from Dallas and New York steak to beef fillets. It’s also been hinted that the legendary ‘Nusr-Et Burger’ will be on the menu too.

It’s also been hinted that the legendary ‘Nusr-Et Burger’ will be on the menu too.

When will the restaurant open?

The official date for opening is yet to be determined. It was originally slated to open back in May but that was obviously postponed. 

Nusret himself has been sharing posts from Mykonos all summer so clearly seems to be in no rush to open the London site just yet… But did post a sneaky Instagram story to his 38million followers that he’ll be seeing London ‘soon’. But in real terms, that could mean anything from days, months to even next year. But we know it’ll be worth the wait.

For now, you can stay up to date with all of the inner workings on Salt Bae’s Instagram, @nusr_et

Nusr-Et Steakhouse London will be opening in London this year, date TBC

The Park Tower Knightsbridge, 101 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7RN

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