Fancy Staying In The World’s First Chocolate Orange Hotel Room This Christmas? Now You Can…

By Lottie Woodrow | 7th October 2020

The Chocolate Orange has become a Christmas staple. The orange tinfoiled wrapped round ball of chocolatey orangeness is definitely in the top tier of chocolates. It’s a stocking filler staple, and every Brit can’t deny that they’ve scoffed down one of these on Christmas morning while tearing open gifts.

If you’re chocolate orange enthusiasts like us, why not unwrap your favourite Christmas treat a little differently this year with a trip to the world’s first ‘chocolate orange’ inspired hotel room.

Yes, Christmas won’t quite be the same this year, what with Hyde Park’s hideous Winter Wonderland cancelled for the season, huge family celebrations cut off due to social distancing regulations and Christmas work parties well and truly poured down the drain, but if you fancy escaping the reality altogether for a few nights, book in for Club Med’s all new ‘chocolate orange’ themed hotel room, for a Christmas experience with a difference. 

Swap the cranberry and heaps of dry turkey for your real favourite Christmas treat – the chocolate orange – and book in for a night at Club Med’s themed room in France. 

A chocolate orange paradise is set to take over the French Alps this Christmas, designed to entice chocolate lovers and avid skiers with its bright orange and blue themed interiors and endless chocolate orange baubles to dig into.

Heading to Club Med’s La Rosière resort, the orange hued room will be filled with quilted chocolate orange bedding overlooked by the custom segment headboard, which looks good enough to take a bite of. The chocolate fun doesn’t stop there. Guests will receive their own personalised stocking brimming with chocolate treats making it feel like you’ve woken up on Christmas day, every day of your stay. 

A real Christmas tree is also set to be adorned with chocolate orange baubles, plus there’s even chocolate orange scented loo roll. Unnecessary but totally hilarious. 

As for the skiing, guests will be given custom chocolate orange skis so they can shred on the slopes in true chocoholic style. Whether you’re an avid skier looking for something a little different or a chocolate orange fiend, it’s a fun way to spend a few days combining your favourite things.  

Yes, the downside may be having to quarantine for 14 days on your return but come on, isn’t a tempting chocolate orange totally worth it? Think of all of those double taps on Insta you’ll get for your perfectly posed pics with the chocolate orange adorned tree.

Stays at the Chocolate Orange themed hotel room start from £93 per person per night. 

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