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Admit it. You’ve binged your way through all of Netflix’s true crime documentaries and Amazon Prime’s classic boxsets, and now you’re on the search for something new, fresh and exciting. Well believe it or not, there are actually a whole bunch of really cool streaming sites that are in our opinion better than the two that we’ve all admittedly grown tired of.

From streaming sites championing the best of British cinema to a site that’s solely dedicated to the blood-curdling horror genre, here’s seven of the best alternative streaming sites to binge your way through.


Forget traipsing through Netflix’s halfhearted documentary selection and feast your eyes on Docsville, a whole streaming site dedicated to the humble docu-film. 

Binge through documentary classics and hidden docu-series gems.

Annoyingly this one was actually bought out by Prime, but if you don’t have Prime already, you can subscribe to the site separately for a nominal fee of £3.99 a month. Expect a whole array of documentary feature film classics and hidden docu-series gems to binge on while you’re stuck inside. You never know, you might find your new favourite series to rave to your friends about.

Price: £3.99 a month

Stream Here

Price: Currently £1 for three months, afterwards £9.99 a month

Stream Here


In short, MUBI showcases only 30 films for any given time, and each film is only on the site for a limited 30 days, so rather than adding to your ‘wishlist’, we’d recommend getting down to business as soon as you can. 

A new film is added every day, and another is removed to make space for the new arrival. Every film is different and has a certain pull to it that your average Netflix or Amazon cliche upload doesn’t. MUBI champions the best of film, letting you stream or download everything from beloved classics to films fresh out of the film festival scene.


For you horror fiends, Shudder is here to appease your blood-curdling cravings. 

Again, this one is an add-on for Amazon Prime, but you can of course set this one up independently if you fancy too. The subscription is dedicated to horror, thriller, and suspense genres, ranging everything from original movies, TV series, podcasts, and even a few live streaming events for those hungry for a live scare.

Price: £4.99 a month

Stream Here

BFI Player

BFI Player prides itself on providing the best of British and international film, and is littered with British indie flicks such as Mark Jenkins’ award-winning Cornish masterpiece Bait and classic films that litter every film course ever taught including The Seventh Seal and La dolce Vita. Film critics such as Mark Kermode and renowned British actress Tilda Swinton share their select favourites too for you film fiends to peruse and enjoy.

They also have a wide range of archive films to view at your pleasure for free, bonus!

Price: Archive films free to view, or classic cinema £4.99 a month 

Stream Here

Directors Notes

Although more well known for its in-depth interviews and editorial, Directors Notes is a streaming site in its own right due to the vast array of short films it’s premiered. 

If you’re looking for something to watch in between your work deadlines, or simply fancy viewing the best that the short film industry has to offer, Directors Notes will feed your hunger and showcase some of the best work in independent cinema today.

Price: Free

Stream Here

Price: From £6.50 a month

Stream Here

Seton Academy


Fan of anime but don’t know where to get your fix online? Crunchyroll holds the largest collection of licensed anime so you can stream, stream, stream all day long from the comfort of your living room and PJs. If you’re new to the anime world, explore one of their most popular shows to help ease you into the wonderful world of these anime characters. Our favourite to binge currently is Dragon Ball Super.


And, of course, with the release of Disney+ this week, we couldn’t help but add in this crowd pleaser. 

We’ll keep it simple. Expect to find all of your favourite Disney classics in one place, from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy to binge worthy episodes of The Simpsons on repeat for hours on end. It’s an absolute dream.

Price: £5.99 a month 

Stream Here

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