Feeling The Lockdown Lows? Here’s The Best Comfort Food To Order In

Sometimes the only thing that’s going to make you feel better is a bottle of wine and singing “All By Myself” to the TV. Yes, we’re channelling our inner Bridget Jones. Ice cream, Nutella out the jar and leftover pizza are also good tactics.

London restaurants know the way to our hearts with British classics, plenty of cheese and some treats for a sweet tooth. And the best and most indulgent bit about all of it is that you don’t even need to leave the sofa. Ordering in comfort food is the only thing to do when you’ve got a serious case of the lockdown blues. Just don’t do it too often, or Bridget’s fear of dying alone and being found three weeks later half-eaten by an Alsatian might become your reality. Just joking. Sort of.

British classics

Spotted dick, sticky toffee pudding, toad-in-the-hole… sometimes truly British meals are the only things that’ll cut your cravings. For a decadent British dining experience, The Game Bird at The Stafford London has some of our favourite dishes. Their Dining Boxes change monthly to celebrate the very best of British product, from H. Forman & Son’s smoked salmon to beef wellington and Lyle’s Golden Syrup sponge pudding and custard.

Order it here: www.thestaffordlondon.com

Created in partnership with Great Osmond Street Hospital Charity, Aqua Shard's afternoon tea comes complete with all of your favourite Peter Pan characters in savoury and sweet treat form.

Afternoon tea

Have you seen our magical round-up of the 10 best afternoon teas to order in? If not, that should keep you busy for a while. One of our favourites is Aqua Shard’s Peter Pan-inspired afternoon tea take you and your little ones on a magical journey to Neverland.

Created in partnership with Great Osmond Street Hospital Charity, the afternoon tea comes complete with all of your favourite characters in savoury and sweet treat form. Expect everyone to be making an appearance, from ‘Codfish’ Captain Hook in the shape of deep fried cod brandade, red breadcrumb and Captain’s hook to The Lostboys in roasted chicken, crispy bacon, mayonnaise and mustard sandwich form. Of course there’s even a beautiful honorary mention to the sparkling fairy, Tinker Bell.

Order it here: www.aquashard.slerp.com

Hamper treats

Picnics in the park, slices of ham, mini sausages, soft bread rolls… if you fancy indulging in a little classical comfort, Fortnum & Mason hampers are the way to do it. Go for the classic named after the beautiful store and receive the famous Fortnum & Mason tea, which was first brewed back in 1935. You’ll also get biscuits, shortbread, chutneys and marmalades. Endless treats galore!

Order it here: www.fortnumandmason.com

Don’t skimp on dessert either, their dairy-free 'freakshakes' bring all the vegans to the yard...

Burger and hot dogs (but vegan)

Burgers are the ultimate in comfort food. The juices from the filling, the indulgent pleasure… and the wave of guilt long afterwards. Well, you can now have all the fun without any of the fear thanks to Rudy’s Vegan Diner. Located in Camden Stables Market, they specialise in versions of classic American junk food. But vegan! Chow down on meat-free burgers and giant seitan hot dogs or live out the NYC Deli fantasy with Rudy’s Reuben – sandwiches stacked high with ‘pastrami’ between two slices of homemade rye. Don’t skimp on dessert either, their dairy-free ‘freakshakes’ bring all the vegans to the yard… They’re re-opening their deliveries on 4 Feb. Fingers on buzzers…

Order it here (from 4 Feb): www.rudysvegan.com

Boxes of biscuits

You might have worked through countless boxes of chocolate digestives and dipped bourbons into your tea for the past month, but that isn’t treating yourself. You know what is? Ordering yourself a tin of golden biscuits from The Newt in Somerset. The tin is filled with an assortment of estate baked cookies, including sweet white chocolate and preserved cherry cookies and root ginger biscuits. A real taste of the country.

Order it here: www.thenewtinsomerset.com

A fry up

The lovely older guy who owns most of Cornwall… Rick Stein, that’s the one, he’s been hot on the heel of at-home dining and our favourite one of his has to be his luxury breakfast box. You get smoked salmon, sausages and streaky bacon from Tywardreath Butchers, Cornish hog’s pudding , Coombeshead sourdough, 6 Cornish grand eggs from St Ewe, Rick Stein’s jam or marmalade and salted butter from Trewithen Dairy. There’s no space in your stomach or in the delivery box to fit anymore. Oh wait, you also get champagne, Cornish Orchards Apple Juice and Origin ground coffee. Now that’s a full English.

Order it here: www.shop.rickstein.com

Macaroni cheese

There’s one thing that Dirty Bones does really well, and that’s comfort food. Chicken wings, skinny fries, burgers… the lot. But our go-to dish here is the mac ‘n’ cheese with taleggio and smoked cheddar, topped with Parmesan breadcrumbs. The melted, cheesy goodness slides down our throat with ease. A tiny bit of ketchup on the side adds just the right amount of tang. Yum. 

Order it here: www.dirty-bones.com

Platters of pizza

There’s pizza and then there’s Firezza pizza. Their toppings are the most indulgent you’ll find in London. There’s wild porcini mushrooms with truffle cream, prosciutto ham with goats cheese, pulled pork and pepperoni, and Sicilian-style sausage with friarelli (Italian wild broccoli). And they’re all stone baked and delivered directly to your door. What more could you ask for? Actually, we recommend also asking for extra garlic bread and wedges.

Order it here: www.firezza.com

Roast chicken

Ahhh, the Sunday roast. A glass of red wine, a good film and a large roast chicken is all you need for the weekend these days. We’ve done a round-up of some of the best in town here, but we’re also super excited about new deliveries from Le Deli Robuchon. Head chef Dario Avenca has been prepping roast corn fed chicken from Norfolk complete with carrot vichyssoise, onions and parsley, roasted potatoes and onions, coleslaw, and a choice of stuffing (with gluten free options available). Naturally, all orders are served with a side of chicken gravy.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Order it here: www.robuchonlondon.co.uk

Piles of pancakes

Pancakes don’t have to be only eaten on pancake day. Treat yourself with this pancake meal kit from Where The Pancakes Are, delivered straight to your door. Fluffy batter is topped with your choice of filling. There’s  Classic American with maple syrup, bacon and blueberries (just like the picture). Next up is Lemon & Sugar with, you guessed it, unwaxed Spanish lemons and unrefined Panela cane sugar. And finally, another decadent option, Salted Caramel & Banana with bananas and the brand’s sumptuous salted caramel. One box makes enough for six or one really really hungry adult. Plus,  you can freeze any leftover batter for another meal.

Order it here: www.wherethepancakesare.com

Golden pies

10 Greek Street is a cosy, neighbourhood restaurant that serves up the best seasonal ingredients. Lucky for us, co-founder Cam Emirali has captured all this flare into a delivery menu. And the best bit? A golden duck pie stuffed with spiced sweet potato mash, braised red cabbage and red currant. You get a starter of winter leaves, gorgonzola, beetroot, pickled red onion, walnut and mustard and for dessert there’s chocolate and peanut butter fondant. Now that sounds pretty comforting.

Order it here: www.dishpatch.co.uk

Environmentally-friendly ice cream

So we weren’t joking when we said that we were channelling our inner Bridget Jones. Ice cream and spoons at the ready. But we’re balancing it out with being good to the planet. Jude’s is a certified B Corp, which means they’re committed to using business as a force for good, putting people and planet before profit. Which makes each mouthful taste so much better. They are apparently Britain’s first carbon negative ice cream company – and the ice creams come in the most delicious flavours: vegan chocolate brownie, vanilla clotted cream, caramel pecan to name but a few.

Order it here: www.judes.com

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