Finding Love In 2020: Here’s Why Dating Will Never Be The Same Again

Lot’s of things have changed in 2020, from working at home to wearing a facemask we’re definitely living in a new reality. Dating is no exception to this, but how exactly has it changed and what does dating look like now? App Inner Circle tells us exactly how it’s transformed. Here’s what you need to know:

People are spending more time on their profiles 

It seems the penny has finally dropped, people are spending more time perfecting their profiles and showcasing who they are, it’s vital for dating success. A good image and interesting points about yourself will mean you can more easily find suitable matches. Inner Circle have been challenging their uses to do this for years, and it makes sense, the fact that more people have realised this is a real win for online dating. 

Bad habits have been left behind 

Maybe the best shift of all. The past few years ghosting, catfishing and even breadcrumbing (when you lead someone on by intermittently contacting them) have been on the rise, but Inner Circle have found this to be in the past. Why? Because post-pandemic people want more meaningful and serious connections with others. Their recent survey suggested this at least.

There’s a mutual respect among daters

More time on profiles, less bad habits, and a genuine desire to date, 2020 is the year online daters finally get the respect they deserve. On Inner Circle, while matching is on the rise, so are the amount of quality conversations. It’s been a long time coming, but the meaningless ‘hi’ as a conversation starter is on the decline. Get ready to start meeting genuine people. 

The bar has been raised 

Dating has become more serious. After all, we have essentially missed out on half a year of it. So if you’re fed up with mundane conversations that go nowhere, and actually want to connect with people, the data suggests now is the time. If you don’t know about Inner Circle, it’s the app that champions serious dating, while at the same time keeping it fun. They’ve emerged from lockdown with a new app and logo, a new ethos, and a whole new approach to dating. They’ve upped their game, it’s now time to up yours.

So what are you waiting for? Single people, the game has changed for the better and you need to get involved.

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