We’ve adapted. Old us used to go out to restaurants, nightclubs and sports events at the drop of a hat. But the pandemic, and now the weather, have left us entombed in our flats, ordering our lives to our front door like some kind of national room service. But pancakes? Really? You batter believe it…

Assuming you’re somehow too much of an international jet-setter (how’s that going?) to pour batter into a frying pan this Shrove Tuesday, then there are some brilliant restaurants actually delivering the things straight to your door. Also, if you’re wondering what the flip a shrove is, it’s a confession or penance. Educational too.

Where The Pancakes Are

Where are the pancakes? Encrusted in diamonds, apparently. For a punchy £45 you can invest in a pancake making kit from everyone’s favourite pancakery, Where The Pancakes Are.

So if you’re looking to invest more than the usual 50p of batter plus another 95p on of those Jif things you won’t use again until 2022 and then you won’t be able to find it again, then this is where to sink your capital.

A Where The Pancakes Are meal kit comes with everything you’ll need to make pancakes. Choose from Classic American, Lemon & Sugar or Salted Caramel & Banana and then the box will provide the rest.

We are still goggling at the price, though.


That’s an exquisite pun there. The Shoreditch comfort food makers are madly biking their pancakes across East London and have pancakes along with all manner of breakfasty fare.

Fancy two slices of toast for £1.50? You got it. £1.95 for baked beans? Dead right.

The Breakfast Club

It’s funny how you suddenly get pangs of longing for normality, and seeing The Breakfast Club menu suddenly jolted me back to the Borough branch of this caff, late at night ordering the most exquisite full English after the kebab awards, back when things weren’t all pandemic-y.

Anyway, that’s reason along for me to order in pancakes from the diner. Are you American enough to go for the Blueberry, bacon and maple syrup? The box comes with a tote and looks suitably delicious!

Mien Tay

Forget Nutella, be gone maple syrup and fare thee well sugar and lemon. Let’s get savoury.

Family run Vietnamese restaurant Mien Tay has a solution that’s both tasty and not smeared in chocolate. Their French style crêpes, Bánh Xèo, are large, crispy and served with fish sauce, lettuce and herbs.

Crêpe Affaire

Pancakes by post are the perfect panacea for pandemic pressure.

And you can get them from Crepe Affaire, which we’re 80% sure isn’t a pun but feels like there’s a joke in there that we’re not getting.

What we are getting, though, is their pancakes, which come in brilliant kit form and can be posted through your letterbox!

The Açai Girls

Aye-aye Açai! There’s only one place to come if you’re after plant-based healthy pancakes.

Famous for their Açaí bowls brimming with Fairtrade Açaí berries, add in pancakes and you’ve a fresh, healthy and tasty option packed with micronutrients.

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