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We’re a nation that goes wild for a picnic. As soon as the sunny weather hits (or, when it just stops raining for an hour), we’re off to the local park with Pret sandwiches, punnets of strawberries and wicker in tow. But how about going one step further? How about elevating your weekend picnicking plans and opt for a blanquet?

If you’re scratching your head, wondering what on earth a ‘blanquet’ is, it’s a picnic but with more pizazz. And BLOOM Gin has just launched a limited-edition blanquet, a banquet table-shaped picnic rug, to guide you on your way to decadent outdoor entertaining.

With one in five Brits admitting they have a competitive streak when it comes to outdoor dining, BLOOM Gin saw a gap in the market and coined a new luxury picnicking trend called ‘blanqueting’, aimed at inspiring the nation to class up the grass with the UK’s first ever blanquet. 

They’ve taken your typical tartan rug and re-imagined it with a new limited-edition ‘blanquet’ that your nearest and dearest can all feast around. Instead of tartan, it comes with a fun, colourful gingham style print.

Blanqueting is to picnicking what glamping is to camping...

It’s shaped like a banquet table and comes in at a lengthy 6.5 metres by 1.5 metres in size, making it big enough for more than twenty guests. Perfect now that we are finally allowed to host alfresco gatherings of up to 30. 

Available to buy on Firebox for £75, the platform known for selling unconventional gifts, Blanquet by BLOOM Gin will provide you with the perfect way to level up your summer party, hen do or big family reunion.

Perfect now that we are finally allowed to host alfresco gatherings of up to 30. 

BLOOM GIN have teamed up with hosting and etiquette expert Jo Bryant and event designer Fiona Leahy to offer some tips and advice for hosting a blanquet and blanquetscaping. Jo said,  “The great outdoors has taken on a new meaning in recent months, as we’ve braved the elements to see family and friends in all weathers.

“Now, at last, the British Summer is finally here, and blanquetting is a great way to celebrate sunny days, easier times and larger get-togethers. Good blanquetting etiquette brings class to the grass through careful planning, thoughtfulness and generosity.”

Fiona, sharing her advice on how to blanquet in style, said, “It’s the excuse we’re all looking for to host something extra-special for loved ones. It’s been so much fun collaborating with BLOOM Gin to style and create my very own moveable feast, and I can’t wait to see how people embrace the opportunity to get creative styling their own blanquet occasions this summer.” For more inspiration head to the @BloomGin Instagram and website.

The trend ties in nicely with BLOOM Gin’s launch of its new Passionfruit Soda ready-to-drink gin and soda. Joining BLOOM London Dry Gin and the wider botanical range, the new G&Ts are crisp, refreshing and super fruity. Great as it is or take the experience up a notch, serve it with ice and a lemon wedge, or half a passionfruit. Go on, you are hosting a blanquet after all…

We’re running a competition with BLOOM Gin too! Here’s how you can win a limited edition Blanquet by BLOOM Gin & Hamper Prize.

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