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If there’s anything I love more than cracking open a bottle of wine after a long day, it’s putting my feet up, a new Netflix doc streaming in the background and pairing the evening with a snack. Anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that I’m a savoury snacker. Whether it’s crisps, nuts or crunchy corn, I’m always on the lookout for new brands to discover and flavour combinations to try. So when I heard about Made for Drink, I knew I needed to put their snacks to the test. 

Inspired by the different drinking cultures from around the world, Made for Drink is an award-winning small business with a big heart, creating award-winning snacks that are designed to compliment your favourite drink. 

Stocked in the likes of Waitrose, Fortnum & Mason, Harvey Nichols and Sainsburys, they offer up some of the best premium flavours around, from chicken salt fries to chorizo thins and truffle crisps. 

To create the tastiest snacks, Made for Drink sources quality ingredients from carefully-selected suppliers. Think free-range Devonshire ducks from Creedy Carver, traditional Hungarian salamis that follows away 150 year old recipes and authentic Spanish chorizo from a small family producer in Galicia. The result? A flavour packed, indulgent snack range that’ll satisfy any salty savoury cravings you’ve got.

The Bestsellers

Chicken Salt Fries

Taking inspiration from the Australian food favourite, their Chicken Salt Fries are seasoned with chicken salt, a delicious blend of savoury herbs and spices that they source from a family-owned business, Mitani Chicken Salt, who’ve been making the classic seasoning since the 1970’s. Pair your packet with an ice cold beer and salivate over the salty flavours, one fry at a time. They also pair great with an Aussie Chardonnay or an alcohol-free alternative. 

Chorizo Thins

These spicy thins are made using chorizo that’s sourced from a small family producer in Spain. It’s particular to the region of Lugo in Galicia, and is made up of five natural ingredients: Duroc pork shoulder, Duroc pork belly, salt, paprika de la vera and garlic. After being hung and smoked over Holm Oak, Made for Drink slices the chorizo into round and roasts it until it’s crisp and super delicious. Enjoy a packet of these paired with a glass of red Rioja. The salt picks up the fruity flavours in the wine and the fats from the thins reduces any tannins. 

English Heritage Crisp Selection 

Made for Drink has partnered with English Heritage to create a range of snacks that champions English food producers. Using potatoes that are grown in Yorkshire, the crisps are picked and cooked on the same day, sliced, washed and hand cooked until crisp and golden. They’ve got a range of flavours including English truffle; Dorset sea salt; malt vinegar and sea salt; and unseasoned Yorkshire crisps. Each uses locally sourced ingredients, from the English Truffle Company to Dorset Sea Salt. 

Keeping on the English theme, you can pair a packet of these with your favourite local drink, from Chapel Down Sparkling Wine and Berry Bros No.3 Gin to a pint of Doom Bar. 

Duck Fritons 

Another favourite, the duck fritons are based on the rural Gascon delicacy, Fritons de Canard. Sourced from Creedy Carver, a free-range British family duck farm from South Devon, these snacks are made using the skins with Dorset Sea Salt, rendered and confited to intensify the flavour. Serve with your favourite IPA or something fruity to bring out the flavour.

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