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Typical, Halloween is set to take place for the first time in years on a Saturday and COVID hits. The one day of the week that might seem plausible to deck your house out like that of the Adams Family’s, spend hours copying a gruesome YouTube makeup tutorial for your night out, or find a last minute outfit for little ones – putting the effort in just doesn’t seem as fun on a Tuesday post-work. But alas, this is where we are at and let’s just be thankful Halloween isn’t cancelled altogether – if you’re a fan that is, it seems to be the marmite of the year’s festivities.

If you’re wondering about the restrictions surrounding the 31st October celebrations, it really depends on where you live and the tier system restrictions in your area. Downing Street have suggested that “people use their common sense in ensuring they are following the rules.” In short: if you’re in a Medium Tiered area fill your witches boots with all the candy you can muster in crowds of six and strictly before 10pm; High Tier you can mix outside – so yes to trick or treating just be extra cautious and consider your neighbours might not be so obliging to open the door this year; and Very High Tier, well yep, then it is cancelled unless your happy to celebrate at home with your own household.

If you’re over the age of 18 your can probably hold off the celebrations for another year, but it shouldn’t mean your little monsters need to miss out. So we’ve rounded up the best Halloween decorations and fancy dress costumes for children to make the most of the celebrations this weekend. Whether you turn the living room into a spooky movie night (The Witches remake will be available to stream this week – find out more here) or set up a jack-o’-lantern lit party in the garden, we’ve handpicked all the decorations and cute kids’ outfits to make 2020’s Halloween just as spooktacular.

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Go stylish over spooky and decorate your living room or garden with everything from velvet pumpkins to twinkling fairy lights, cute bat-shaped donut boards for an alternative to apple bobbing or sparkly skull heads you can bring out year after year.

Children’s Halloween Costumes

From mini Count Draculars to the littlest witches, the high street is full of great Halloween costumes your little ones are going to love. And you needn’t go down the scary route. Invest in some adorable dressing up box outfits that can be worn for future weekends and parties to come, from personalised superhero capes to Hogwort’s uniforms.

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