Looking for something new to stream this November? We’ve rounded up the 12 best new films and TV series landing on the biggest streaming sites next month. 

From political dramas laced with sexual affairs to the new Netflix Tiger King documentary series, here are the best things to binge this November.

Impeachment: American Crime Story

Beanie Feldstein waves goodbye to her coming-of-age title and has entered a new world involving political centred dramas. Starring in the new series Impeachment: American Crime Story, Beanie joins Sara Paulson in this gritty portrayal of Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.  

Available to stream on BBC iPlayer, the series goes deep into the scandal that almost saw the overrule of Clinton’s presidency and the effects faced by Lewinsky as the story erupted. 

New episodes released weekly on BBC Two or iPlater from 19th October 

Stream it on BBC Iplayer


Thinking of taking part in Netflix’s new Book Club? Hosted by Uzo Aduba, the book club’s first book-to-adaptation is Nella Larsen’s Passing. The adaptation follows a Black woman as she navigates her life in 1920s New York City. When she reconnects with a childhood friend, she discovers that her friend is passing as white and is in fact married to a man who is unaware that she’s Black. 

Once you’ve devoured the novel, get ready to binge on Netflix’s release of Passing on 10th November.

Release Date: 10th November

Stream it on Netflix

Tiger King 2 

Thought we’d said goodbye to Tiger King’s antics? Think again. This November sees a brand new series erupting on the streaming service giant. 

Available to stream from 17th November, the global hit will return, scratching away at even more ‘madness and mayhem’. We can expect to reconnect with our favourite characters and unravel what’s been happening since the release of the original series, which aired back in March 2020 just as the pandemic and lockdowns across the globe began.

Release Date: 17th November  

Stream it on Netflix

A Wheel of Time 

Amazon’s A Wheel of Time has already been dubbed the next big thing since Game of Thrones, so we already know it has huge shoes to fit. Based on the fantasy book series by Robert Jordan and Branson Sanderson, the first season will follow Moiraine Damodred (Rosamund Pike), who is a member of the Aes Sedai – a female-led magic organisation group – as she goes in search for the Dragon Reborn. The ‘dragon’ is a creature that’s set to save humanity or, ultimately, destroy all of it and its existence.

Intense and action packed, this is a fantasy series you won’t want to miss.

Release Date: 19th November

Stream it on Amazon Prime Video

The Harder They Fall 

If you didn’t manage to catch The Harder They Fall at the BFI festival or at your local cinema, now’s your chance as the new-age Western lands on Netflix from 3rd November. 

​​Starring Johnathan Majors as Nat Love, a soul who has spent his whole life trying to track down the gang who brutally murdered his family before his eyes, it’s an explosive watch packed with fights and gun shoot-outs. Other stars include Idris Elba, Zazie Beetz, Regina King, Delroy Lindo and LaKeith Stanfield.

Release Date: 3rd November 

Stream it on Netflix

Catching Killers 

This November sees Netflix return to its roots, bringing with it the arrival of a brand new true crime series, Catching Killers. This gritty new series delves deep into some of the most infamous serial killer cases, interviewing the investigators to reveal just what goes on on the crime scenes and how each case is executed. 

Release Date: 4th November

Stream it on Netflix

The Beatles: Get Back 

Beatles fans are already itching to get a piece of the action… Disney + is releasing a new docuseries, The Beatles: Get Back, exploring the creative process of John, Paul, George and Ringo. It’ll reveal unseen, restored footage from the January 1969 recording sessions, a time when the hit band were trying to piece together new songs ahead of their first live show in over two years. 

Expect a gritty, real look into the music heroes and a full viewing of The Beatles’ last live performance.

Release Date: 25th November

Stream it on Disney+

Love Hard 

The first of Netflix’s Christmas film arrivals, Love Hard follows a writer from Los Angeles who decides to surprise the guy she’s been chatting with on a dating app in time for Christmas. It’s only when she travels 3,000 miles and arrives that she realises that she’s been well and truly catfished. Still determined to find her perfect match, her catfish decides to help her get the guy that she thought she’d been chatting with. Will it all work out in time for Christmas?

Release Date: 5th November

Stream it on Netflix

Red Notice 

Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson star in Netflix’s new FBI comedy-action film. Red Notice sees an FBI (Johnson) try and track down the world’s greatest (and most wanted) art thief, with a little help from only the second best art thief and all-round idiot, Nolan Booth (Reynolds). It’s on this heist that the FBI agent ends up on the Red List, having been conned by the Bishop (Gadot). 

It’ll be entertaining to see how the dynamic between the three unravels through humour and heist.

Release Date: 12th November

Stream it on Netflix


A Christmas themed series set in the Marvel universe? Now we’ve seen it all… Disney’s latest Marvel series arriving on their streaming service will see Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) join together in an arrow shoot off. 

Premiering on the streaming site from 24th November, the six-part series will see Clint pass over the Hawkeye name for Kate Bishop. Florence Pugh is also confirmed to make a scheduled arrival on the series, which has left fans wondering if this will tie the end credits from the recent hit, Black Widow, with this new series.

Release Date: 24th November 

Stream it on Disney+

Cowboy Bebop

Anime fans, listen up. Shinichrio Watanabe’s classic anime series is set to return with a fun live-action adaptation this November. Expect your favourite characters Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda), Spike Spiegel (John Cho) and Jew Black (Mustafa Shakir) to come to life in a whole new setting, as the bounty hunters set out to travel the solar system looking for the universe’s villains to capture. 

Release Date: 19th November 

Stream it on Netflix

Tick, Tick… BOOM!

The latest masterpiece from Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda, Netflix’s new film Tick, Tick… BOOM! Is set to blow you away. The new film follows Jon (Andrew Garfield), a young theatre composer as he comes to terms with love, friendship and the pressure faced by adulthood. 

Release Date: 19th November 

Stream it on Netflix

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