If you were hoping to celebrate Monday 21st June with a social undistanced night out at one of London’s fantastic clubs, then you’re probably sorely aware that the whole thing has been scuppered by the rise of the Delta Variant. So why not swap your dancing shoes for your waiting in line outside a clinic shoes and get the jab instead?

According to Boris, July 19th is the new June 21st with a final push toward getting the population vaccinated against COVID before we finally let the new variant run loose. And the good news is that we’re almost there. While other European countries are still busily injecting people in their 40s and 50s, as of this week the UK will be vaccinating anybody over the age of 18. So if you’ve not already received one or two doses already, then you’re finally eligible!

The link between catching the coronavirus and ending up in hospital or, worse, Intensive Care or death, appears to be weakening as the population is increasingly vaccinated. The worrying surge in cases does not seem to be playing out in the way we saw in previous waves when it comes to hospitalisations and our daily deaths figures are still flatlining. While it’s likely we’ll see that stat to rise, there isn’t much indication that we’re in for another roller coaster.

There isn't much indication that we're in for another roller coaster...

Those that are in hospital tend to be younger, healthier, patients, who haven’t received the vaccine or have refused the vaccine (less sympathy) with only a very small fraction being double-vaxxed.

According to data released yesterday, just a single dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine gives you 94% protection against hospitalisation, hence the hurry to get as many shots into arms as humanly possible before July 19th.

There are just two potential hitches. Firstly, young people may be less willing to get vaccinated. In America this has certainly been the case, but they’re, well, American. Here, so far at least, we’ve not seen the same complacency, quite possibly because the Delta, or Indian, Variant is holding up our reopening and we’re all anxious to get vaxxed.

The other hitch is a bit more annoying… There don’t seem to be enough doses.

The last week has seen the number of vaccinations dip as apparent supply issues of the Pfizer vaccines impact the roll out. Since the government’s advisors recommended that under-40s not be given the Astrazeneca vaccine for fear of rare blood clots, young people have been reliant on the Moderna and Pfizer jabs.

Here in London health honchos have reportedly requested 367,000 extra Pfizer and Moderna shots, while same seems to be true across the country.

Which means all the more reason to get into the queue as soon as possible if you haven’t yet received your invite!

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