There’s something a bit demoralising about January workouts. Not only because we’re all burdened by the turkey and stuffing we consumed throughout December, but also because any gym you attend is going to be teeming with intimidatingly lithe, Lulu Lemon-clad athletes.

Almost 2 years into the pandemic and it’s still all about living room lunges and bedroom burpees. But it can be difficult to get motivated when you’re at home, and the TV is so near, and the call of chocolates in the kitchen is getting increasingly louder. So who should we turn to? Your favourite Hollywood actor or Grammy award-winning popstar, that’s who. Celebs have been busy teaming up with workout apps and developing their own fitness programmes to make a buck or two while they can’t make any movies or do any music tours… but it works well for us. Because who doesn’t want to star-jump with Thor?

1. Workout And Swoon With Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth – the demi-God of star and screen and owner of bulging biceps – has set up his own fitness app Centr. It’s based around all the healthy eating tips, fitness exercises and mindful practices that have helped him throughout his career, such as training for the muscular Marvel comic character Thor. And he has called upon the professionals that have supported him along the way to share their expertise.

The app brings daily workouts, meal plans and meditation straight to your phone 24 hours a day. Let me repeat that: Chris Hemsworth is literally in your pocket, at your beck and call. That sounds pretty motivating. As well as that, there are more than 20 chefs, boxing trainers, Hiit professionals and athletes to get you looking like a Hollywood star. Choose levels from beginner to advanced, pick different length workouts from 20 minutes to an hour, and select your goal from ‘lose weight’, ‘get fit and toned’, and ‘build muscle’. Where do we sign up?

Price: From £7.83 per month

Let me repeat that: Chris Hemsworth is literally in your pocket, at your beck and call.

2. Be The Best Version Of You With Beyoncé

The brains behind Peloton, an at-home cycling experience, became billionaires during the Covid pandemic. And apparently, Beyoncé has been a Peloton fan for a few years… uh huh… sure.

Anyway, she partnered up with the exercise brand back in November so you can now shake your booty to Beyoncé tunes across multiple fitness categories, including indoor cycling, running, strength, bootcamp, yoga and meditation. As part of this partnership, the company is gifting two-year Peloton memberships to students at 10 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). All the Beyoncé music and workouts are accessible on the app and if you’re not quite sure you want to fully invest in a bike, you can embark on a 30-day free trial.

Price: Peloton Bike from £45 a month

3. Achieve Your Olympic PB With Jess Ennis-Hill

Remember 2012? One of the best years for Team GB and just the people of GB in general. Well, a lot better than 2020 anyway. One of the reigning heroes of those halcyon days was Jessica Ennis-Hill the Olympic gold medalist and track and field athlete.

Through her app, Jennis, she covers general fitness, pregnancy fitness, postnatal fitness and cycle mapping (which is when you can plan fitness sessions around your menstrual cycle for better results gains). As well as this, you can get recipes and motivational stories to keep you going.

Price: From £14.99 

4. Make It Old School With Davina McCall

Remember the good old days of workout videos? The times of Mr Motivator, leg warmers and yellow one-pieces. Well, Davina McCall was one of the women leading the way, and she’s still at it. At 53, she has the leanest, fittest body to rival anyone half her age and she’s willing to let you in on the secrets with her Own Your Goals app.

Much like the other fitness programmes out there, this offers online classes, healthy recipes, a workout planner, a meal planner and wellbeing boosts. The fitness classes range from Hiit and boxing to dance and pilates to make sure you never feel bored.

Price: From £49 per year 

5. Dance With Diversity

The Britain’s Got Talent winners and dance troupe Diversity have their own dance website, that can keep you fit without you have to lift any weights.

Get access to new dance classes each week, with simple moves for beginners and trickier steps for advanced movers and shakers. You can get access to the full library of videos by the Diversity dances 24/7 and they’re filmed in HD so it feels like the troupe are with you in your bedroom as you prance around. 

As well as all that, you’ll get access to early bird tickets to their live events (when those start happening again, that is) and access to a Diversity forum of like-minded fans. If you weren’t a fan before, you certainly will be after.

Price: £7.99

6. Get Fiit With Fearne and Binky Falstead

You can choose from more than 600 classes and over 20 training plans with the Fiit app. Expert trainers guide you through the classes and you connect the app to a fitness tracker to get live stats and track your progress. As well as that, you can workout with a few celebs who have joined the books, such as radio DJ turned wellness guru Fearne Cotton and Made In Chelsea reality star Binky Falstead.

Both of the working mums are using the fitness app to juggle a healthy lifestyle with parenting and encouraging others to do the same. With the help, of course, of the Fiit personal trainers.

Price: From £10 

7. See Another Year Through With Joe Wicks

He was there for us all when things got really tough – when we were jumping around the living room to amuse ourselves back in March 2020. And he’s still here. The national treasure and now MBE, Joe Wicks has his own app so you can continue to do healthy work at home.

Join weekly live workouts on the app, follow his tasty recipes and choose on demand Hiit classes too. The food options are a great alternative the smoothie and salad options most trainers give you. These are hearty portions that stop you calorie counting and you can pick from veggie, vegan and pescatarian options too.

Price: From £5.83 per month 

8. Train Your Total Body With Vogue Williams

Vogue might be better known for her glowing tan range Bare by Vogue, but she knows a thing or two about keeping a healthy fitness routine, even with two small kids. Joining forces with her trainer John Belton and Gymondo, her 35+ workouts are easy to add in to your everyday routine.

Start off with a 7 day free trial, with all of Vogue’s fitness plans including a mix of body weight and cardio to keep you moving even on those duller days.

Price: 7 day free trial, £6.99 per month



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