Other than donning black tie for an evening of opera at Glyndebourne or wantonly trashing a taverna following a football defeat, there’s nothing more quintessentially British than talking about the weather. And so, true to type, here we are donning our metaphorical bowler hat and reverting to type. Because there’s a heat wave coming!

Even Noah would have to describe the summer we’ve had so far as ‘a bit of a washout’. Despite windows of relative heat, the perma-overcast and frequent rain showers have put pay to any hopes of golden post-pandemic summer. Until now, that is. Because the weatherman’s changed his tune and we’re set for 12 days of glorious sun!

According to a Met Office spokesperson, “From Monday will be mainly fine and dry, with rather warm temperatures in the west initially and more widely later in the last week of August and into September.

There will be increasing amounts of sunshine...

“There will be increasing amounts of sunshine, with high pressure -likely to dominate, with settled conditions”

The thermometers are set to top out next Saturday, 4th September, and are predicted to hit 27C across the country as high pressure moves in from Spain.

According to ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond ‘It will be late summer at its best, with a sunnier finale to a dull August. The mid-20s is possible by midweek, with the fine weather holding on for the Bank Holiday weekend and for a few more days into September for most.’



Exceptions seem to be Scotland (obviously) as well as Cumbria and parts of the West Country (clearly they knew that I’m going to be in Devon that weekend…). The peak will extend for around 48 hours, lasting into Monday 6th September before cooling off.

My Geography GCSE is only fit for explaining oxbow lakes...

By then, though, we should be used to the heat again, as the frog-in-a-saucepan process of slowly heating is set to begin today. The cause is a 700 mile-wide Atlantic ‘hot air blob’ (actually a thing, though my Geography GCSE is only fit for explaining oxbow lakes so I’m afraid that’s the end of the metrological explanation) and the effect will be an end to cautiously looking at the sky and asking ‘do you think I need a coat?’ every morning for at least a fortnight.

Of course, the question now is ‘how will you use it?’

With Transport Secretary Grant Shapps set to decide the next raft of Green/Amber/Red list destinations this week, it may be that you’re looking to jump on a plane to Europe anyway, but if a Quarantine Hotel shaped Sword of Damocles hanging over your Mykonos sun lounger is too much to endure, then perhaps the peak district will serve just as well this year?


The question now is 'how will you use it?'

Or, more likely, you’ll be holed up in the office or WFHing and the next couple of weeks will be a test of endurance which will leave you gasping for cold weather and vowing never to wish for heat again.

In which case, we’ll see you at our Beast From The East coverage in approximately three months time…

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