Get Your Watermelon Sugar High With These Tempting Summer Spirits

Looking for a new summer spirit to dazzle your guests with this bank holiday weekend? Read on to find out about the latest craze sweeping the season: watermelon flavoured spirits. 

Watermelon, juicy, fresh and bright in colour, is best enjoyed on a scorching hot day in the heat of the summer. And while we can’t promise there’ll be a heatwave this weekend, we can promise that your BBQ will have a great watermelon flavoured punch to hand. 

From tequilas to gins, here’s how to get your watermelon sugar high, spirit style.

El Sueño Watermelon Tequila Liqueur

Helping to add a splash of summer freshness to your typical tequila offering is El Sueño’s Watermelon Tequila Liqueur. Available from Tesco, the brand prides itself on being the UK’s first naturally flavoured tequila. It’s made using real fruit and is sweetened with unrefined Mexican sugar, Piloncillo. 

Pink and powerful, it’s watermelon flavour is natural and pairs perfectly with a tonic or adds a fruity punch to your favourite classic tequila cocktail.

It’s vegan, gluten free and lets its natural agave flavour still shine through.

Available from Tesco

Absolut Watermelon Vodka

Get your watermelon sugar high without the added sugar thanks to Absolut’s zingy watermelon flavoured vodka. Made in the same Swedish village that they’ve been making their vodka in since launching in 1872, Absolut Watermelon is just as simple, light and refreshing as their classic. 

For a simple mix, try the spirit with lemonade and a slice of lime, or make it a real bank holiday BBQ contender with their watermelon spritz made with 1 part Absolut Watermelon, 3 parts sparkling wine, 4 chunk watermelon, 0.2 part simple syrup, mint leaf and watermelon. 

Available from your local supermarket

Two Birds Watermelon Gin

There are endless gins out there to try, but for the watermelon lovers, it’s got to be Two Birds and their watermelon offering. Expect an original taste packed with the vibrant tropical flavour. 

It’s part of Two Birds Spirits’ new summer range, filled with a flavour to suit every taste palette, from classic strawberry and vanilla to sharp pink grapefruit and pomegranate.

Serve with frozen watermelon slices, freshly chopped strawberries and plenty of ice for a bank holiday treat with a difference.

Available from the British Honey Company

Whitley Neill Watermelon & Kiwi Gin

In true Whitley Neill style, they’ve added an exciting Watermelon & Kiwi offering to their ever-expanding gin selection, and it’s every bit as sweet as you could imagine. 

This limited edition number is inspired by the flavours of Mauritius. The watermelon juices help to counteract the tartness of the sweet kiwi and paired with your favourite tonic, it’s a refreshing summer sip. Add a chunk of watermelon, a sprig of mint and load up your glass with ice.

Available from Tesco

Ciroc Summer Watermelon Flavoured Vodka

Reignite your love for the rounded fruit with CIROC’s limited-edition Summer Watermelon flavoured vodka. Rich in flavour, the spirit is made with vodka five times distilled from French grapes and is finished in Southern France inside a tailor-made copper pot. It’s watermelon flavour is fresh, made using the summer fruit and natural flavours.

Fresh and sweet, this vodka will remind you of your summer Greek mornings munching through the juicy fruit on holiday.

Malibu Watermelon

For the rum lovers, Malibu has you covered with their refreshing take on the watermelon craze. Their Caribbean rum has been infused with watermelon flavour helping you to take your summer cocktails up a notch. Try out their twist on the mojito with added Malibu Watermelon for an energising hit or go simple and mix their new rum flavour with a dash or two of soda. 

Their Caribbean rum blend helps bring the tropics to your dingy basement flat, one fruity sip at a time.

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