Summer isn’t summer without delighting in a fruity cocktail, poolside. While we can’t promise the poolside part of this summery recipe (unless you’re popping on Amazon right now to buy an inflatable paddling pool for your balcony), we can promise you’ll be sipping on a cocktail in the sun without having to invest in multiple ingredients thanks to the canned cocktail.

No, we’re not talking about the sorry supermarket excuses for canned cocktails. Things have changed this year and the tinned tipple has been revived thanks to micro-distilleries and drinks companies seeing a huge hole in the market. Nowadays, the canned cocktail is full of natural ingredients, big flavours and they aren’t so non-alcoholic that it’s pointless. Here are the best nine canned cocktails on the market right now.

Edinburgh Gin

Let the good times be-gin…

Whether you’re having it infused into a cocktail or playing it simple with a classic tonic and lime combo, gin is the ultimate summer drink. This summer, however, you’ll find us sipping on Edinburgh Gin’s rhubarb and ginger concoction. Using their classic Edinburgh Gin, the pretty can combines spring-crop rhubarb and oriental ginger to create a sweet-cum-spicy number. Their sweet raspberry gin fizz is also one that’ll see you through the summer with its sharp taste.

Using their classic Edinburgh Gin, the pretty can combines spring-crop rhubarb and oriental ginger to create a sweet-cum-spicy number.

Funkin Cocktails

It doesn’t get much funkier than a nitrogen-infused Piña colada…

Funkin Cocktails have brought their 21 years worth of cocktail-making expertise to launch four nitrogen-infused cocktails in a can so that you can get a real cocktail experience while at home. Canned cocktails often have a bad reputation, but Funkin’s brings the full flavours to life, so you can elevate your at-home cocktail experience. 

A summer isn’t a summer without enjoying a piña colada and Funkin’s latest nitro infused concoction brings its coconut, fruity flavour to centre focus and follows the authentic, simple ingredients that made the cocktail so loved today. One sip will transport you to the roots of its existence, Puerto Rico.

Hippy Fizz

From gin extraordinaires, Porter’s Gin, comes their brand new funky fizz cocktail in a can.

Porter’s Gin first started as a somewhat passion project after the founders turned the basement of their bar in Aberdeen into one of the UK’s most innovative and iconic micro-distilleries. Today, we know them for their classic London dry gin, but they’ve just launched a brand new cocktail that’s unlike any other. 

Created by Porter’s brand ambassador, Jack Wareing, the ‘hippy fizz’ cocktail is a fruity number, combining pineapple shrub and malted passionfruit with the citrusy notes of Porter’s Gin. It’s the perfect tipple for an afternoon in the sun.  

Hippy Fizz

£34.00 for 12 cans

That Boutique-y Gin

That Boutique-y Gin brings together the finest gin distilleries, brands and minds to one place to create a fun, innovative product for you to enjoy. We love their collection of gin spirited cocktails from the yuzu gin collins, drawings jasmine and floral notes, to their cherry gin cola, that’ll see you satisfying your sweet cola cravings. Each has a fun design on the cans too, so the drink not only tastes great but looks great while you’re sipping on it too.

East London Liquor Company

East London dwellers will already know about this gem, but East London Liquor Company were the first whisky, gin and vodka distillery in the area and have been distilling for over 100 years, bringing Londoners and fans premium spirits and flavours. If you’re looking for a quick cocktail can-and-go but you still want to experience the company’s prime flavours and values, we’d recommend sampling one of their variety boxes. Your fridge will be fully stocked with a mix of their grapefruit gin & tonic, low ABV gin & tonic, rum & ginger and vodka & rhubarb cans. 


Cocktail drinking has never been easier thanks to Cantails. 

Created by brothers Myles and Kit Donneky, Cantails allows you to enjoy the glorious flavours created by expert mixologists at home, simply in a can. Made from 100% natural ingredients sourced from all over the world to create authentic tasting cocktails, the cans come in a range of flavour combinations. We love the hawaiian spritz, a delicate mix of coconuts, watermelon and pomegranate. It’s both refreshing and delicious. 

Espresso Martini

Price: From £15 Per Box

Hawaiian Spritz

Price: From £15 Per Box

Passionfruit Martini

Price: From £15 Per Box

All Shook Up

From £1.60

All Shook Up

One cocktail company that is ready to shake things up is All Shook Up. 

Perhaps one of the more well known cocktails in a tin, All Shook Up aims to bring you premium flavours at affordable prices. A favourite can of ours is the flamingo colada, a unique spin on the famous pina colada, removing the pineapple and combining natural coconut, grenadine and lime instead for a refreshing summer hit. 

Its quirky design is loved by all and makes it the perfect summer tipple to enjoy with friends at this summer’s pool party.

Bloody Drinks

A Bloody Mary has an acquired taste but once you wean yourself onto them, there’s no looking back.

East London start-up, Bloody Drinks, is here you help you cure your Zoom hangover. With a base of premium vodka and Amontillado, one sip will see you indulging in the finest tomatoes from Italy and Spain and a zap of lemony freshness. Not forgetting a powerful punch from Worcestershire and soy sauce, and a spicy hit from TABASCO too of course. Pour it into a glass, pop in your garnish of choice (we love a classic slice of lemon or a salty olive) and you’ll be cured of your morning after hangover in no time.

Bloody Drinks


Shop Here or in-store at Sainsburys

Bombay Sapphire


Bombay Sapphire

Gin giants Bombay Sapphire have recently launched their very own ready-to-drink can allowing gin lovers the opportunity to enjoy their heralded London Dry Gin wherever they are.

In true Bombay Sapphire style, the G&T tin comes in its iconic blue colour and is mixed with premium tonic,  just perfect for a refreshing summers afternoon tipple. As always, no gin and tonic is complete without a burst of fresh lime, so enjoy this summer tipple served over ice and a wedge of lime.

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