Glamour, Pleasure and Escapism: How To Add Some Spark To Your Relationship

In partnership with HedonX

The past year has been a huge unexpected challenge for couples. We’ve been stuck indoors together 24/7 like some sort of bad reality show. Except it isn’t a show – it’s real life. No candlelit meals in restaurants, no romantic dates, no cocktail bars, no last-minute holiday surprises. It’s Zoom meetings and Netflix or nothing. And sex? You can forget it. Any energy left at the end of the day has been channelled into mustering the strength to listen to another government announcement.

In fact the BBC reported that the number of couples seeking relationship counselling surged during lockdown 1, and divorce rates and break-ups have increased. Most of it seems to come down to the fact that couples just haven’t been spending quality time together.

But that’s not good enough. Romance, flirting, seduction – remember them? Well, it’s time to bring these old friends back into the fold, and we’ve found the experts in enjoyment who know just how to put sparks into your relationship.

HedonX creates private and intimate spaces for couples, away from the appointments, agendas, commitments and daily routines we’re all juggling. Ask yourself: when did you really spend quality time with your lover? If you can’t remember, then it’s time to read on.

The private members’ club encourages you to look at your other half not only as a partner, wife, husband, parent to your children, or friend, but also as a lover. HedonX is here to bring together a luxurious environment, entertainment and thought-provoking culture to ignite a couple’s passion and pleasure.

So, what does the HedonX experience entail? They select and curate the most intimate and exclusive venues for you to enjoy. The aim is for you to focus all your attention on your lover while HedonX take care of every other detail.

Here’s a glimpse into one of the HedonX experiences: a welcome glass of champagne, an online shibari session (we suggest you Google this…) in the privacy of a luxury bedroom, an intimate evening of fine dining, and a sumptuous breakfast to conclude your escape.

HedonX refer to their sessions as “edutainment” – a sensual exploration where you are both entertained and educated. The edutainment is based on members’ preferences or curiosity, so prepare yourself for some unforgettable experiences led by experts who will help you explore everything from tantric massage to orgasmic meditation.

Each experience takes place in a carefully selected location in London, Geneva, Zurich and soon Paris. The events are designed to test and delight you both sensually and intellectually through a journey that ignites the six senses, with HedonX considering the mind as the six sense. While you’ll select your favourite city, the exact venue will only be revealed 24 hours before your experience starts to heighten the magic and suspense. All you need to do is pack some elegant clothes and essentials for your stay and… relax.

As well as a romantic evening for the two of you, from time to time HedonX also hosts social events for its members with live edutainment in exclusive, private venues. Further details are only revealed to members. Alas, as the situation stands, these social events have been put on hold. But there is light (or flame…) at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully it won’t be long before we reach it, so start dreaming and plan an experience of a lifetime with your partner. To get you started, you can access dedicated content on the HendonX online membership platform to help you take care of your mind, body and soul or find more information on Instagram.

Before you get carried away with heady passion, there are a few steps to take first. As HedonX is a members-only club, you’ll need to pass their exclusive membership selection process. They’re looking for couples with a lust for life, who are respectful, open-minded, curious and willing to explore their sensuality further. Feel like this is you? Just fill out a short online questionnaire and the process is in motion.

So what are you waiting for? Unleash the passion and apply:

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