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The Handbook

Join 200,000+ Glastonbury fans this June to host your very own GlastHOMEbury from the comfort of your living room den or garden tent and revel in the joys of clean clothes, warm feet and working toilets.

If you were one of the thousands of disappointed music fans who missed out on Glastonbury tickets this year, don’t worry, turns out, everyone’s missing out anyway.

When restaurants closed and gigs, cinema screenings, theatre shows (basically everything fun) started getting cancelled due to the Coronavirus, it was inevitable that the UK’s music festivals would be next.

But nothing hurt quite like the official cancellation of Glastonbury. The iconic Somerset pilgrimage that sees 200,000 music and arts fans congregate for five carefree days each summer on Michael Eavis’ famous farm is a huge part of British summers, whether you actually get to go or simply watch it from your sofa.

So when it was announced in March that it would have to be put on hold, it was almost like saying summer had been cancelled altogether and a dark rain cloud not even the spirit of Glastonbury can contend with drew in.

The fact that Glastonbury was all geared up to celebrate its 50th birthday with what was expected to be the greatest Glasto ever was just the final nail in a mud drenched coffin.

But in true Glastonbury style, festival revellers have come up with a plan to celebrate come 24th June, to bring the magic of the Pyramid Stage, the Healing Fields, Stone Circle and Arcadia into your living room… or even better, your garden.

GlastHOMEbury is set to take place the same weekend that the festival would have gone ahead, turning living rooms, gardens, even modest balconies into Glasto-vibe set-ups. A Facebook page has been created and so far over 260k people are interested in ‘attending.’

Organisers of the virtual festival are encouraging those sad to be missing out to don their wellies and Barbour jackets, pitch a tent in the garden or living room and watch reruns of all the Glasto content they can get their hands on.

They’re even urging the artists who were billed to headline this year’s festival to get involved and stream performances live from their homes. With the likes of Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar taking the Pyramid Stage spots and countless world renowned acts from Anderson .Paak to Primal Scream also booked in for the weekend, it’s going to be a hard task to get them on board but we’re hopeful.

Glastonbury veteran Jo Whiley, who delivers much of the BBC TV coverage and attends with her family every year without fail, has said she’ll be getting involved in the celebrations too.

“We’re going to do Glaston-Whiley. When the time comes, we’ll have our own festival at home. Everyone is going to be going at it 110 percent,” she told Stella Magazine. “They all love festivals, although I barely see them at Glastonbury, they all go off seeing the bands they like.”

If you fancy getting stuck knee deep in virtual mud, singing along to the same song as 100,000 strangers and generally having the best weekend of your life (ok, we’re getting a little carried away), here’s our checklist of things you’ll need to throw the best, and most likely the first, GlastHOMEbury ever.

  1. A Glastonbury playlist

Head over to Glastonbury’s 2020 playlists on Spotify where they hare curated sets made up of the acts that were meant to play this year’s festival. The team have split their playlists up into ‘stages,’ from the event’s famous Pyramid Stage to the John Peel tent, to make listening even more like the real thing.

2. A TV to watch it all on

The BBC will be screening tonnes of classic sets from Glastonbury’s gone by (you can already watch some on iPlayer) and the official Glastonbury YouTube channel have already started to post some epic sets from last year’s event.

Some Glasto hardcores are even fashioning cardboard ‘pyramids’ around the TV to make their living rooms feel more like the iconic sloping field.

For the ultimate GlastHOMEbury experience, wheel you TV set outside (with caution) and watch from your tent.

3. Some socially or virtually distanced mates

Glastonbury wouldn’t be Glastonbury without a harem of mates, or at times, complete strangers around you. Lockdown causes a few issues here so make sure you’ve either got your household fully on board or connect with fellow music fans virtually.

Use the hashtag #Glasthomebury2020 to bond with people over Facebook and Instagram. Or head over to Twitter, which has become a celebrated space for music fans over the past month thanks to collective listening parties and Twitter chats with famous artists.

4. Your wellies

Dig out your Hunters and your waterproofs, slap some glitter on your face and get some flowers in your hair to really get in the festival mood – even if you are just in your garden or living room.

5. A tent in the garden or a den in living room

Those with gardens can make the experience more realistic but if you’re short on outside space, make a den, get out the camping chairs and turn your home into an outdoor oasis – short of building a campfire that is.

6. Beer and burgers

You’ll need your vices to make this a real Glasto experience – warm cans of beer and substandard burgers should do it.

7. A day to recover

Anyone who’s ever been to Glastonbury knows that the day (or week’s) recovery after the weekend is a must, both to rest your weary legs (you walk up to 30 miles at the event) and to soothe the hangover. But you also need it to recover emotionally. It may sound dramatic, but Glastonbury really is like no other festival in the world, it holds a special energy that can’t be recreated anywhere else, and those days after are full of recalling stories from the weekend and to count down the days until the next one. Which, we imagine, is going to be out of this world.

GlastHOMEbury will take place from 24th-28th June 2020

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