Baked banana bread until it’s coming out of your ears or completely intermediate Italian? If you’ve exhausted all the extra curricular activities up your sleeve during this self-isolation period, it’s time to turn to masking.

Up your self care routine with our guide to the best face masks, from glow-giving sheet masks to detoxifying clay consistencies. You’ll be in good company too, celebs are all over this quarantine trend, from Harry Styles to Gigi Hadid confessing their love of a good mask while in self-isolation.

Plus, they’re not only going to kill time but leave you with the best skin you’ve had since we all went into lockdown – they’re the skincare saviour that reaps rewards with very little effort. Read on for our guide to the best, depending on the result you want.

The Refreshers

Good for: Under usual circumstances these are great for refreshing skin post-flight or after spells in the sun. That’s obviously not happening, so put them to good use to perk up tired skin that’s taken a beating from eight solid hours at the computer, central heating and lack of vitamin D.

Look for: Zingy, water-locking ingredients like bamboo or cucumber, gel-like formulas for a cooling effect and Korean skincare brands.

Top tip: Keep your mask in the fridge to instantly wake up skin.

Favourite brands: Fresh, Peter Thomas Roth, Drunk Elephant and Erborian

The Glow Givers

Good for: Bringing new life to dull, lackluster skin and a glow that would give the Kardashians a run for their money.

Look for: Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, L-ascorbic acid, B vitamins and oils.

Top tips: Sheet masks are a great option for a dewy, radiant result with very little input required from you. Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Magic Facial can be used on dry skin and over makeup for an instant fix – perfect if you’ve got a Houseparty date booked in.

Favourite brands: Charlotte Tilbury, Susanne Kaufmann, Lixirskin.

The Blemish Busters

Good for: Restoring skin to its happier self. We might be putting on less makeup but central heating, a change in environment, diet, stress and so many other factors can lead to spots. Let these masks be your skincare saviours, but be careful not to overstimulate the skin – sometimes less is more.

Look for: Salicylic acid – it is the spot-fighting ingredient you need to know.

Top tip: If you’re suffering from a few pesky spots but don’t necessarily want a full-face mask, invest in Mario Badescu’s celebrity favourite, Drying Lotion that can be put on spots overnight to dry them out and dramatically minimise them.

Favourite brands: Mario Badescu, The Inky List, The Ordinary and Fresh.

The Anti-Agers

Good for: Turning back time. Ok, we can’t promise miracles but there are plenty of masks on the market that can help to plump, refresh, smooth and rejuvenate tired skin.

Look for: Sheet masks for a quick fix and something fun to mix up your self-isolation time. Some are on the more expensive side but they are jam packed with active anti-ageing ingredients.

Top tip: Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion is genuinely better than many professional facials we’ve tried.

Favourite brands: Filorga, Sarah Chapman, Shiseido.

The Exfoliators

Good for: Sloughing off dry patches, refining pores and adding a glow to quarantine skin.

Look for: Glycolic and lactic acids – far less scary than they sound.

Favourite brands: Peter Roth Thomas, Sarah Chapman, Summer Fridays, Sand & Sky

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