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I don’t know whether it’s my old age, but I’m just so tired of being hungover. One glass of wine on a Friday night and I can already feel the Saturday-morning headache starting to appear. Sometimes a night on the sauce really isn’t worth it: embarrassing behaviour, nights spent hugging the toilet bowl, saying inappropriate things to your colleagues, or crying in the loos… the list goes on. Not to mention the fact that alcohol is also very calorific. Rumour has is that drinking two glasses of champagne is the same as eating a large slice of chocolate cake. There goes all that sweaty effort in the gym.

But saying no to alcohol can seem like a bit of a buzz kill. What do you drink instead? Water? Orange juice? It doesn’t seem very exciting or luxe, and certainly doesn’t make you want to celebrate like cocktails do. That’s what we thought, until we stumbled across CleanCo, the company revolutionising the way we drink at parties with non-alcoholic spirits. And the founder? None other than ex-party boy turned entrepreneur Spencer Matthews.

The founder of this clean drinks company? None other than ex-party boy turned entrepreneur Spencer Matthews

Why should you cut down on alcohol?

What’s the big deal about this clean-drinking revolution? Why should we cut down on alcohol? Well, there are the obvious downsides to drinking, such as the negative impact it has on your body – think damaged liver, bad sleep and headaches. By drinking low or no-alcohol drinks, you can reclaim your mornings with a completely clear head. Each bottle of CleanCo contains no more than 0.5% ABV, which makes them non-alcoholic.

The recipes and formulations developed at CleanCo mean that you’ll be tasting similar versions to the alcohol you know and love, such as rum, tequila and gin. You’ll honestly struggle to taste the difference between the alcoholic version. This not only means you can still enjoy your favourite cocktails, but it also means that you don’t have to swap a margarita for a pint of Coca Cola.

If all that wasn’t enough, CleanCo recently cleaned up at the IWSC 2021 awards (this is the International Wine & Spirit Competition for those who don’t know… and it’s kind of a big deal). They won bronze for their Clean R, and gold for their Clean G and Clean G Rhubarb.

By drinking low or no-alcohol drinks, you can reclaim your mornings with a completely clear head.

CleanCoClean G

Crisp juniper, balanced with botanicals - delicious

Price: £19

CleanCoClean R

Warming spice, golden caramel and cayenne pepper

Price: £19

Go healthy but still party

A glass of wine contains more than 100 calories. A margarita can be around 200 calories. And a pina colada? 650 calories. That’s a whole lot of extra calorie-counting you have to do if you want to party. However, the miraculous thing about CleanCo is that there’s only about 12-14 calories per serving in their spirits and there’s zero sugar. Top them up with low-cal mixers and your personal trainer will be jumping over the moon.

And for those out there who are vegan or only eat gluten-free or lactose-free meals, then these are the perfect drinks for you. They tick all the boxes.

CleanCoClean G Rhubarb

Fruity aromas of London dry gin, rhubarb and red berries

Price: £19

CleanCoClean T

When you're in the mood for a Margarita but can't face the hangover

Price: £19

Try these cocktails…

So if you’re out and about wanting a non-alcoholic drink, you can pick up CleanCo at some of our favourite watering holes, such as Claridge’s, Duke’s Bar, Ronnie Scott’s and No. Fifty Cheyne. You can also go to your local Sainsbury’s or Morrisons to fashion your own cocktails at home. Here are a few to get you started….

Fashion your own cocktails at home

Clean Dark & Stormy

50ml of Clean R

150ml of ginger ale
Blood orange segment to garnish

Fill a tall glass with ice, pour in 50ml of Clean R and top with ginger ale. Add a blood orange segment to garnish.


50ml Clean T

25ml pink grapefruit juice
100ml light bitter lemon

Build serve in a spitz / large wine glass filled with ice. Garnish with a grapefruit slice and sprig of mint.

What are you waiting for? Join the low and no-alcoholic revolution with CleanCo and shake your cocktails with distilled non-alcoholic spirits bursting with flavour. If you don’t fancy making your own tipples, you can always purchase the 12-pack of CleanRum & Cola cans that are already pre-mixed. There’s really no excuse not to join in. If Spencer Matthews can do it, so can we. We’ll see you on the dance floor…

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