Harrods’ food hall is a place of wonder, a repository of quails’ eggs, caviar and all things expensive. The famous halls which are to Knightsbridge residents as Lidl is to the rest of us, have undergone an extensive revamp and have just opened with a new addition. A chocolate hall.

The new offering is timed to coincide with the celebration of 150 years of Harrods chocolate, with the first chocolate counter delighting Victorian Londoners back in 1870 (so 151 years ago, no?). The grade II listed building has always been associated with chocolate, by the early 20th century they were even making it on site, with a staggering 100 tonnes of the brown stuff created every year by the 1970s. So it’s only right that the stuff is honoured with its own special chocolate hall.

The new hall forms part of Harrods four-year revamp of their foodie destination. The halls are so indelibly part of the Harrods brand and offering they’ve decided to double down. The hall itself is the work of designers David Collins Studio, who have been responsible for the look and design of the whole Harrods Food Halls project. The food halls themselves form only part of the broader £300m redevelopment across Harrods 1,000,000 sq ft site.

The design is intended to highlight the original halls' Edwardian splendour...

The design is intended to highlight the original halls’ Edwardian splendour, while ensuring that it remains modern and opulent, with all the modern innovations around climate-control and suchlike that you’d expect in such a high-end offering.

The new hall will cater to nearly all tastes, though don’t even enter if you’re hoping for a Drifter Bar, a Freddo or a sneaky Twix. With a range of exclusive chocolatier partners from around the world, the hall will brim with the best chocolate on the planet, not to mention Harrods’ own chocolate, handcrafted in the halls by experts.

But if you really want to push the boat out, you have options (this is Harrods, don’t forget). Why not invest in a 50g bar of Guayasamin Art Series chocolate? The cost? A smooth £350. And while that’s completely bonkers, I’ll bet all you’re now thinking is what could £350 chocolate possibly taste like to justify the price tag? There’s just one wallet-pummelling way to find out…

Happy 150th, Harrods chocolate, the new room looks very pretty, we’ll be there just as soon as we’ve saved up.


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