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The Handbook

The steaks are high! But then so are the plates, the table, in fact everything. If your favourite way to eat is dangling 100ft above the earth’s surface then this really is the height of style, London In The Sky is back!

The regular every-day restaurant experience has become pretty well established over centuries: you walk into the restaurant of your choice, your waiter takes your order and as you eat your meal you’re constantly reminded that you aren’t suspended by metal wires and gently swaying above iconic London landmarks. Normally the floor is the big giveaway. London In The Sky turns this formula around.

London’s most unique dining experience, back for its 10th year, launches this May. Join a ‘flight’ for the most talked about meal that London has to offer, gazing across some of London’s most iconic scenery. Previously suspended above Southbank and Tower Bridge, the latest location is above the O2 Arena, with more information being constantly updated on their Insta account and weekly newsletter.

The flights are already bookable for individual or corporate bookings between May and July. Book now for the dangliest dine of your life!

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