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If you’re a regular to The Handbook you’ll know that it’s National Burger Day on 27th August and we’ve gone absolutely loco for all things patty related this week. That doesn’t mean we’ve left our plant-based readers in the dark, there is still plenty of burger revelry to be had without an animal product in sight.

Enter the M*** F*** Drive Thru, the UK’s first plant-based drive thru that will be serving up some tasty vegan dishes, from the aptly named ‘The Greta’ to the cheeky ‘McBluffin. And no, it doesn’t stand for the highly offensive   cuss phrase, but rather the Meat Free Drive Thru instead.

Opening today, Wednesday 26th August right through to Bank Holiday Monday, Meatless Farm will be taking over London’s famous American Car Wash on Shoreditch’s Great Eastern Street and replacing it with the UK’s first plant-based drive thru.

The idea is to encourage meat eaters to eat more of a plant-based diet more often, and looking at the dishes, it won’t be hard.

It stems from research which suggests that if everyone in the UK swapped just one red meat meal a week to a plant-based meal, it could cut the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 8.4%. That might not seem much, but it’s the equivalent of taking 16 million cars off the road.

Talking of cars, as they’re doing nothing for the planet either, the M*** F*** Drive Thru will be welcoming bikes and walkers too with a dedicated walk-thru lane for pedestrians, e-scooters and bicycles. Making it the perfect refuelling stop for a weekend saunter around East London. For those that turn up in an electric car, bicycle or e-scooter will be given a further 50% off the bill too.

On the menu will be a selection of meatless, sustainable delights using the innovative Meatless Farm products.

Keep it classic with The Mother Flipper x Meatless Farm Cheeseburger – a beast of a towering burger fusing together the famous Meatless Farm patty, American cheese, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, red onion and pickle.

The planet saving Greta – again, a Meatless Farm patty but this time with aubergine candy bacon, American cheese, shoestring fries, Mother Flipper special sauce and pickle.

Or the one that will fill any golden M shaped arches in your new meat-free life, The McBluffin. Bite into a Meatless Farm sausage patty, a free range egg and American cheese on a butter toasted English muffin.

Plus, fries, dirty fries, brews and a tasty hibiscus and lime iced tea will finish off the menu, and everything on there can be made vegan to order too.

Get yourselves down to the M*** F*** Drive Thru for some M***** F****** good grub this weekend.

M*** F*** Drive Thru will pop-up at 35 Great Eastern St, Hackney, London EC2A 3ER

From Wednesday 26th August to 31st August

Open 11am – 3pm every day

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