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You know how it is, you get back after a hard day’s work eating worms, avoiding unlit bonfires and Blue Peter’s John Leslie and all you’re craving is a nice cold beer. Well, for all you boozy Ms and Mr Tiggywinkles out there, Camden Brewery has a solution, Britain’s first pub for hedgehogs. Kind of.

The North London brewery have teamed up with the illustrious British Hedgehog Preservation Society to provide a solution to hibernation woes suffered by our favourite spiky friends, and it’s a little wooden pub. Pop The Hibernation Arms in your garden and let the little critters take over. Not only is it helpful to nature, but it’s pretty damn cute too.

The initiative also comes with a new range of beers, Camden Brewery’s seasonal Hells in Hibernation Lager, with a proportion of sales going to charity to help hedgehogs hibernate this winter.

According to Fay Vass, chief executive of the British Hedgehog Protection Society “Hedgehog populations have declined by half in rural areas and by a third in urban ones in the last 20 years so they need all the help they can get. The funds and awareness that this collaboration raises will help us, help hedgehogs”.

Jasper Cuppaidge, founder of Camden Town Brewery, adds “We can all do our bit – whether it’s educating us on what to do when we find a hedgehog in need, or creating a safe space, like The Hibernation Arms, in your garden at home”

Of course if providing safe spaces for hedgehogs isn’t your biggest concern, perhaps you feel that dealing with our fractured society or the awesome concerns of climate change, maybe you think that hedgehogs are just a bunch of pricks (contrary to popular belief, the quills aren’t actually too spiky at all), but there’s still something in this for you, Camden Brewery’s Hibernation Hells has pine spice aromas and citrus freshness.

We’re certainly going to give it a go, and raise a glass to Sonic and his pals at the same time.

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