Here’s How One Subscriber Scaled His Business Using The Handbook’s Celebrity & Influencer Platform

I often get members reaching out to us and asking us for case studies from those that have used The Handbook and had real success.

Last week the most lovely review popped up on TrustPilot from Navid Salimian about his experience with The Handbook, so I decided to reach out to him and see if he would be happy to share it on the platform so that others could benefit as well. Luckily he agreed, and so we wanted to share it with you today in the hope that others can scale their businesses in the same way he has.

So Navid please tell us your story, why did you decide to use our platform?

In 2013, the compelling chapter of my professional life unfolded as I transitioned from the music industry into resurrecting a family legacy, poised on the brink of a digital transformation. With the retail landscape undergoing seismic shifts towards e-commerce, our final storefront in North London stood as a testament to both resilience and the necessity for change.

My foray into the digital domain with Claudio Lugli was driven by a desire to synthesise the art of exquisite tailoring with the vast reach of the digital market. The Handbook emerged as an indispensable tool, bridging the gap between our brand and key influencers within the cultural zeitgeist.

Did you get results straight away from using The Handbook?

Utilising The Handbook’s vast resources and intuitive layout wasn’t a silver bullet to instant success; it required perseverance and a steadfast belief in the Claudio Lugli brand. Despite the disheartening reality of sending over 70 emails and facing numerous rejections, the endeavour was not without its reward. The task of aligning our brand’s sartorial elegance with the commanding presence of public figures was arduous and often met with silence. However, securing a collaboration with Amir Khan transformed the trajectory of our outreach efforts, serving as the crucial stepping stone to a series of prestigious endorsements.

What was the turning point for you, in your journey to success?

This initial challenge was a poignant reminder that opportunities in the high-end fashion and luxury sports sector are often hard-won. Success in such an exclusive industry is predicated on seizing the moment when it arrives, no matter how infrequent those moments may be. For Claudio Lugli, the collaboration with Amir Khan represented just such a moment—an opening to thread our narrative of distinctive, tailor-made fashion into the tapestry of sporting luxury. It underlined the brand’s resilience and our commitment to excellence, despite the initial struggle. Each subsequent partnership reinforced Claudio Lugli’s stature as an emblem of opulence and grace, securing our position in the elite arena where the sartorial meets the sensational in sports.

Success in such an exclusive industry is predicated on seizing the moment when it arrives, no matter how infrequent those moments may be.

What was it that made celebrities start to notice you?

It was through not giving up and the proactive use of The Handbook’s celebrity and influencer platform  that we reached the pivotal moment where our email campaign – a campaign that previously seemed like casting messages into an immense digital ocean – finally landed in the hands of McGregor’s management. This connection was the key to our first fitting session with McGregor. The power of The Handbook in this context was clear; it was an essential tool that helped navigate our brand through the maze of celebrity management, leading us directly to a door that would otherwise have remained closed.

Can you give us an example of the email campaign you sent to celebrities so we can showcase it to help others?

The subsequent rise of McGregor in the sports world catapulted our brand into the spotlight alongside him, as he became an inadvertent ambassador for the daring and distinctive Claudio Lugli style. This collaboration exemplified the synergy that exists between timing, opportunity, and strategic outreach. It showcased how the art of crafting the right message and sending it through the correct channels – such as The Handbook – could forge partnerships that transcend mere business transactions, creating iconic fashion moments and opening manifold doors for future endeavours.

Can you provide example of successful celebrity endorsement campaigns you have managed and what made them stand out ?

Embarking on a journey with Team Fury that has now spanned over eight years, my role has evolved to become an indispensable facet of the team, blending sartorial insight with expansive creative direction. This tenure has seen me wield considerable influence not only over garment selection but also over the digital landscape, spearheading brand sponsorships, and orchestrating collaborations with publishers, music producers, streaming platforms, and global event organisers.

My collaboration with Tyson Fury stands as a testament to this versatility; as we prepared for the monumental “Battle of the Baddest” in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, my input was crucial not only in the aesthetic presentation but also in the strategic execution of digital campaigns that surrounded the event. It’s a role that marries the tactile legacy of Claudio Lugli’s bespoke tailoring with the pulsating digital heartbeat of global sports marketing.

Having once utilised the platform to initiate pivotal conversations, I now anticipate receiving those very proposals that I once sent, to forge new partnerships for our clients.

As Tyson Fury’s personal suit designer, Claudio Lugli remains a cornerstone of each fight night, with meticulously curated outfits that have come to be as anticipated as the bouts themselves. Yet, my influence extends far beyond the threading of needle and fabric. I am deeply involved in the narrative of each campaign, the conceptualisation of brand stories, and the negotiation of deals that elevate the brand to unprecedented levels of international acclaim.

Our partnership showcases the boundless potential of merging traditional craftsmanship with the dynamism of modern digital strategy, and it is through these diverse roles that I contribute to creating a legacy that is as striking in its visual storytelling as it is in its innovative approach to branding and publicity. In Tyson Fury’s rise, I find not only the reflection of a champion but also the silhouette of our brand’s evolution and my own professional growth, culminating in the formidable entity that is The Social Champ—where today’s storytelling weaves tomorrow’s history.

The transition to The Social Champ Ltd. is the embodiment of this journey’s culmination – a fully fledged talent agency that is home to some of the world’s premier talents across acting, music, football, boxing, MMA, and content creation. The Social Champ Ltd. isn’t just a talent agency; it’s a creative agency where years of insight, connection, and experience in digital marketing come to bear fruit. It’s here that the strategies and networks cultivated over years of industry navigation empower us to negotiate and curate top-tier deals and campaigns for the benefit of our diverse clientele.

The pivot to fully embrace The Social Champ Ltd. showcases a professional evolution that reflects a full circle of experience with The Handbook’s resources. Having once utilised the platform to initiate pivotal conversations, I now anticipate receiving those very proposals that I once sent, to forge new partnerships for our clients. This move is emblematic of our aspiration to not only maintain a legacy of high-end fashion influence but also to enhance the trajectories of the celebrated individuals we represent.

What is your focus today, and can you share any insight you have gained that have contributed to your success?

Today, our focus at The Social Champ Ltd. is resolute on fostering, negotiating, and curating exceptional opportunities that advance our clients’ interests. We’re dedicated to ensuring that the individuals and brands we represent benefit from the most advantageous and creative partnerships in the industry.

Reflecting upon this remarkable voyage, I am deeply appreciative of The Handbook’s integral role in this story. It has facilitated a strategic trajectory of connections that have been essential to the ascent of Claudio Lugli, and now, to the promising horizon of The Social Champ Ltd. Here’s to further chapters of discovery, innovation, and celebrated success, all made possible by the catalytic power of The Handbook.

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