Here’s How You Can Help The People Of Ukraine

It’s been several weeks since Russia launched a mass invasion over its neighbouring country, Ukraine. In the weeks that have followed, hundreds of thousands have had to flee the country, lives have been lost and attacks have rippled around the country.

As the military action continues, there are many ways you can help at home. From donations to voluntary help, read on to support the crisis. 


Ukraine Red Cross –  Red Cross has launched a campaign to help raise funds and supplies for those affected, from food and water to first aid kits and shelter. 

Come Back Alive – Ukrainian non-governmental organisation is urging people to donate to help support freedom and democracy in the country. 

Disasters Emergency Committee – DEC charities are helping to provide food, water, shelter and healthcare to refugees and displaced families.

Nova Ukraine – Non-profit organisation, Nova Ukraine provides humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and is helping to build a strong society, reform the education system and eliminate corruption in the country.


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Choose Love – This fundraising organisation supports refugees and displaced individuals around the world. Right now, they are reaching out to their community to garner urgent support for the people of Ukraine. 

Razom for Ukraine – Razom has launched an emergency response in line with the devastation that’s going on right now in Ukraine. They are responding by providing critical medical supplies and helping to amplify the voices of the people of Ukraine. 

Help For Ukrainian Children – From diapers to instant formula, help raise money for vital everyday products for Ukrainian children in need.

With Ukraine – The Embassy of Ukraine in the UK has set up a donation service, helping to provide assistance for victims in need. 

Voices Of Children – Charity Voices Of Children offers support for children affected by war trauma. They offer psychological and psychosocial support for those who have suffered as a result of war. 

Polish Humanitarian Action – Polish humanitarian group is helping those on the border of Ukraine and Poland, offering hygiene products, support, food and blankets to those in need. 

National Bank of Ukraine – The National Bank of Ukraine has set up an account to raise vital funds for the country’s armed forces. 

People To Follow

Olia Hercules is a chef and teacher from Ukraine. Over the past few weeks, Olia has been sharing really useful information surrounding the crisis and ways in which her following can help support those in need, including donation links. She’s teamed up with Russia chef, Alissa Timoshkina to create a campaign called #CookForUkraine. It aims to increase awareness of the humanitarian crisis and raise vital funds for UNICEF UK to help aid displaced Ukrainian children and families due to the current situation. Learn more about it here. 

#CookForUkraine is the campaign spearheaded by Olia Hercules, Alissa Timoshkina, ClerkenwellBoy and Unicef’s NEXTGen London. Keep up to date with all of the restaurants, events and donations taking place.

Sarah Rainsford is a BBC Eastern Europe Correspondent. You’ll find her tweeting useful updates and information about what’s happening in Ukraine right now.  

Simple Politics is a great Instagram account for all explaining UK politics simply. Right now they are doing regular updates on everything that’s happening in Ukraine, bringing their following information in easy to digest snippets. 

James Rothwell is the Middle East Correspondent for The Telegraph. Find him tweeting about everything that’s going on in the Ukraine. 

Niki Proshin is a Russian TikToker based in Petersburg. Since the outbreak of war, Niki has been posting and live streaming the thoughts and feelings of Russians right now, as well as the protests happening in Petersburg.  


UK: Pledge any necessary military support to defend Ukraine 

UK: Tell the UK Govt: Help Ukrainian refugees 

WORLDWIDE: Ask NATO to close the airspace over Ukraine 


Useful Pages

There have been several really useful documents circulating the internet over the last few days, including this list of verified fundraisers, petitions and protests. 

The Ukrainian Institute London has also rounded up a list of useful ways you can help support Ukraine and its people, from demonstrations of support to donation links. 

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