The story of one of the most iconic bands in British music history is being turned into a new drama series: Pistol arrives in the U.K. on Disney Plus on 31st May, and focuses on the exploits of the Sex Pistols, the ever controversial group that defined punk music. It’s being made by the US Network FX, and directed by Danny Boyle.  

 The miniseries will run for six parts in total, and it’s central character is Steve Jones, the Pistols’ guitarist, with his memoir Lonely Boy: Tales of a Sex Pistol serving as the basis for the show. Though the Sex Pistols only lasted for 3 years, the time they were active was more eventful than most bands in their lifetimes: expect plenty of crazy, raucous and rebellious drama in every episode. 

Stepping into the roles of the Sex Pistols are a cast of fairly unknown actors, with Toby Wallace as Steve Jones, Anson Boon as John Lydon/Johnny Rotten and Christian Lees as Glen Matlock. Louis Partidge, who’s starred in Enola Holmes and Paddington 2, meanwhile will be portraying  Sid Vicious, the volatile bassist and punk icon previously played by Gary Oldman in the film Sid & Nancy

Expect plenty of crazy, raucous and rebellious drama in every episode...

Alongside them is Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams as punk star Jordan, and Talulah Riley as the legendary fashionista Vivienne Westwood. Emma Appleton will play Vicious’ girlfriend Nancy Spungen, and Thomas Brodie Sangster will star as Malcom McLaren. 

You'll be able to experience the whole story and the chaotic, anarchist world of 70s punk rock...

Like the Pistols themselves, the series has attracted controversy, with John Lydon expressing dislike of it and attempting to block it using the Sex Pistols discography last year, but the rest of the surviving band allowed the music to be used in a court case. In the newly released trailer, which premiered during the Grammy Awards, we see a glimpse into how suitably madcap the show will be: the Pistols are a riotous force and the bane of the British establishment.

More than most other dramas about bands, a Sex Pistols series is unlikely to be quiet and low-key. The show, from the trailer, shows to almost be blending drama and documentary together, with dramatised versions of events like the release of the single God Save The Queen, dubbed the most censored record in history. 

You’ll be able to experience the whole story and the chaotic, anarchist world of 70s punk rock when the series lands on Disney+ in the UK on 31st May.

Pistols lands on Disney+ on 31st May | 


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