Here’s Where To Find The Best Mince Pies This Christmas

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By Natalie Cabral | 20th December 2021

How many mince pies are too many mince pies? The correct answer is there can never be enough. Even if you are not the biggest fan of mince pie, it is such a Christmas staple that you will be forced to eat it at some point every year. If you are going to get a mince pie, you might as well get one from some of the best restaurants, bakeries, and cafes in London.

Ottolenghi Notting Hill

Ottolenghi brought back their mince pie this year and it is just as mouth-watering and delectable as ever. The pastry is crispy and lightly sweetened so do not worry about coming down from a sugar high. The filling is as boozy as it gets with loads of citrus peels, mixed nuts, and mace. Reasonably priced at only £3.50, this pie is one you will want to have multiple times this holiday season. If you are an avid mince pie lover, this will be hard to beat.

St. John Restaurant

Tuck yourself into bed early and set the alarm clock because if you are one second too late you will miss this decadent mince pie. St. John Bakery’s mince pies are so good that they sell out almost every day. We highly suggest going in the morning right at opening if you want to try these crowd-favorite Christmas treats. The pies are stuffed with so much filling that no bite is disappointing. If you do not want to miss out on one of the best mince pies offered in London, drop what you are doing and go buy them now before it is too late.


Located in Borough Market, Flor is a serious competitor in the best mince pie contest. Their bakery is filled with so many delicious bread, pastries, and tarts, but the mince pies are a true standout. The pastries are filled with traditional beef mince and suet, along with heaps of dried fruit, citrus, and booze. The filling is aged for up to 12 months so the mince pies truly taste as wonderful as they look. These also sell out fast so either go early or preorder some on their website. Whichever way you choose, do not miss the chance to get your hands on these.


In a bakery-café located in East London, these mince pies are sure to be eaten in bunches. The bakery is owned and run by Claire Ptak who is widely known for having made the wedding cake for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Since her baking is royally approved, you already know the mince pies are going to be sensational. The pies are dusted with powdered sugar, making them the perfect sweet treat to indulge in after a long day (or to get the day started). If you prefer your pies to be more on the sweet side rather than savory, check these out.

The Dusty Knuckle Bakery

Satisfy your daily mince pie quota by snatching some from The Dusty Knuckle Bakery. The bakery is most known for its incredible selection of bread but that does not mean they skimp out on providing the mince pie of dreams. The pies are dusted with sugar and filled with meaty, boozy, and fruity goodness that will make you feel all warm inside. It is basically Christmas wrapped in a doughy package.

Paul Rhodes Bakery

In Greenwich you will find one of London’s finest independent cafes hidden away like a secret gem in the community. Inside this bakery, you will be greeted with scents of freshly baked bread, sugary pastries, and most importantly, mince pies. All the treats in the shop are made by chefs who are experts in the art of baking. You can order their mince pies online or make the trip to Greenwich and get them in person. It may be worth it to experience the atmospheric bakery while also munching on some Christmas goodies. The best part about making Paul Rhodes your go-to mince pie dealer is that they sell them in easy access packages so you have no shortage this holiday season and do not have to make a line in the morning to get the pies before they sell out.

Ole and Steen’s Fastelavnsboller

This is a mince pie like no other. Yes, it has the classic mincemeat and pastry bottom, but their unique twist makes it a must-try for mince pie lovers. The pie has a pastry crust, filled with a staple mincemeat mixture, and topped with an almond crumble. The crumble takes this treat to the next level, differentiating itself from the other mince pie competitors. The flavors are there but they get an extra point for creativity and execution. Make sure to put this mince pie on your list of treats to try this Christmas and trust us, you will not regret it.

Gunpowder’s Mince Pie Doughnut

Mince pie and doughnuts? It really cannot get any better. We know you may be thinking this is not your typical mince pie, but this doughnut-pie hybrid is so good it deserves a spot on this list. After popular demand, Gunpowder brought back their hyped doughnut just in time for the Christmas season. To give you an idea of how good this doughnut is, let’s describe just what you will be getting. The yeast doughnut dough is fried to perfection right until it’s golden brown then it’s rolled in a cloud of cinnamon sugar and filled with a sweet cream before being topped with a massive heap of mincemeat. If your mouth is already watering just reading that description, you are not alone. True mine pie lovers will be happy to see this new variation on their favorite Christmas treat. But if you are not the biggest fan of mince pie, this might be the perfect mix to let you take part in the Christmas tradition without actually eating the classic treat.

Konditor – Vegan!

Vegans, this ones for you. Konditor pies are so good in 2019 they were dubbed Britain’s best mince pies. Their vegan version of these classic treats lives up to the incredible hype. They are made with a lemon, ginger and cloves infused sweet pastry and filled with a fabulous vegan mincemeat. They can be ordered online in bunches of 6 or 12 so if you order in bulk, you can have enough for the whole family come Christmas. There is really no reason vegans should miss out this holiday season on all the festive treats and snacks.


These pies are probably unlike any mince pie you have seen before. At first glance, it does not look like your classic Christmas mince pie, but once you tuck in you quickly realize it has all the flavors of the iconic treat. They have two mince pie options which both look as amazing as the other. The more classic take is their mince pie pithivier with custard and salted caramel sauce. But the mince pie gallette looks more like a flying saucer than a pastry (and we mean that in the best way possible). The gallette is filled with mincemeat and the outside flat pastry is baked to golden perfection. Allegra is only making a limited batch of the gallette so if you really want to get your hands on one, do not dawdle.

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