The first series of Industry was one of 2020’s more underrated TV shows- while it didn’t receive a huge amount of fanfare, it was still a great series that left fans eager for more. And now, we can look forward to a return of the rollercoaster world of business tonight with Season 2.

Industry, if you’re unfamiliar, is set in the world of investment banking. While that might not sound like the most exciting subject for a drama, the show was anything but boring: there’s plenty of scandal and Machiavellian scheming in the first series, and it makes for a gripping watch.

Series One focused on a group of competing graduates vying for places at the prestigious London investment bank Pierpoint & Co. Characters like Harper, Gus and Robert all became fan favourites, as they navigated the investment world in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Though they come from differing backgrounds and walks of life, all of them strive for one goal: becoming a full time employee of Pierpoint.

The show showed us the competitive world of City bankers and the often crazy world in which they live, and received critical acclaim. The second series was announced last year, and new details have been released: alongside the main cast from last series, new additions include Alex Alomar Akpobome (Twenties), Sonny Poon Tip (Anatomy of a Scandal), Adam Levy (The Witcher) and Jay Duplass (The Chair). Akpobome plays Danny, a highly talented Executive Director from New York, while Duplass and Poon Tip play Jesse and Leo Bloom, a hedge fund manager and his son.

You can expect more of the same commentary on the wealthy and the privileged, with Season 2 moving from the fight between graduates to win permanent positions at Pierpoint into the full fledged world of the trading floor. The ending of Series 1 gives some idea of where the series is headed: Main character Harper decides to make moves to advance her career in the banking industry, including bringing back her old boss Eric in order for her to be permanently hired by Pierpoint- and jeopardising some of the friendships she’d made including with Daria and Yasmin.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, co-creator of the series Konrad Kay commented “Industry has evolved, but the DNA of the first season is very much there”, while executive produce Jami O’Brien added “Harper’s nothing if not tough. Season 2 will see her swing back to life, re-energized by new work relationships, new love interests and a potential lead in the search for her brother.”

You’ll be able to see how the story of the competitive graduates continues when the second series arrives on 27th September. For those who didn’t catch the first series though, it’s available to watch on iPlayer, so give it a binge if you intrigued by the cutthroat world of money and power.


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