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As parents we’re responsible for some of our child’s most fundamental decisions. From their name (Nigel or Noah?) to which football team they support (Arsenal or Accrington Stanley?), but perhaps the most significant and long-lasting choice is which schools they attend.

But while parents often agonise over less crucial decisions, like exactly which Farrow & Ball shade to paint the nursery or whether or not to reveal the fact that Father Christmas isn’t, um, well you get the idea, decisions around education are often taken without the amount of due diligence such a duty demands. But too often the root cause for this is simply not being educated about education, which is where the Independent Schools Show comes in.

The annual show, this year held at the impressive Battersea Evolution in Battersea Park on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th November, equips parents with the right tools to make key decisions for their children. With over 200 schools exhibiting at the event across four theatres, more than 40 talks and 100+ speakers, there is no better place for a parent to plan their child’s future. What’s more, it’s free to attend!

A key part of the experience are the Education Theatres and this year sees more talks and more speakers than ever before.

The event is the greatest public-facing gathering of school leaders in the world...

The event’s 100+ speakers, include luminaries like the Senior Editor of the Good Schools Guide to the High Master of St Paul’s School, and with the widest range of key figures in education available to parents, the event is the greatest public-facing gathering of school leaders in the world.

All the keynote talks are chaired by Ed Vaizey, former culture secretary.

This year the show is introducing three new interactive spaces, the ISC Leadership Theatre, which will give unique access to the leadership of the sector, the Good Schools Guide Forum, where authors of the GSG can help parents focus their school search, and the London Parents Forum, which divides the capital into four parts (North, East, South and West) to help parents plan their child’s education journey.

The process of getting educated about education is made simple...

The list of 200 schools and organisations exhibiting at the show ranges from nurseries through to sixth form colleges and includes some of the most famous names in British education like as Fettes College, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Marlborough College, Haileybury and Wellington College, as well as independent school groups such as GDST and Duke’s Education.

So whether you’re already pretty clued up, just starting out or perhaps you’ve never considered private education for your children, you know you’re in safe hands.

Choosing a school for your child is a crucial but tricky decision, but with the help of the Independent Schools Show the process of getting educated about education is made simple.

The event takes place on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th November at Battersea Evolution (Chelsea Bridge Entrance), Battersea Park, Queenstown Road, Battersea, SW8 4NW. Free tickets are available in advance, just register on the website.

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