How To Watch American Telly In The UK…

By Dave R. Tailor | 22nd April 2020

What are you binge watching during lockdown? If you’re in the UK it’s not likely to be the latest HBO release or whatever’s hot on Hulu. If you’ve ever travelled to the US then you’ll know that things are just bigger and better over there. And we’re not just talking portion sizes, the same goes for TV releases.

Sure, you’ve enjoyed the likes of Tiger King and Making A Murderer alongside our American brothers and sisters, but if you’ve ever been lying in your hotel room stateside and brought up Netflix on your phone, tablet or laptop, then you’ll have noticed that over there there’s a far far better selection of movies and TV shows available. 

There are two workarounds. The first involves emigration and jumping through various hoops to persuade the federal government to grant you a green card. A fair effort to catch the finale of Modern Family. The other is to sign up for a VPN.

It turns out that a VPN is nothing to do with tell-tale lines in your trousers and is all to do with how to watch American telly, or stay in touch with friends on social media despite travelling to countries where it’s restricted. ExpressVPN are the experts, and due to their wizardry you can trick ‘the internet’ into thinking you’re in any country you please, whenever you want. What’s more, it’s super easy to use.

It may be galling to know that your IP address is better travelled than you in this lockdown world, but nevertheless their service is invaluable for anyone who cares about their security. From keeping your family’s private information safe to ensuring your work remains unhackable, ExpressVPN is able to hide your location from anyone who wants to know what you’re up to.

The tool has lots of really helpful uses, most of them very professional and sensible, but for us it’s all about marathon-binge streaming every single James Bond movie on American Netflix, a luxury UK streamers simply can’t enjoy.

Sign up for ExpressVPN here, and you’ll be sneaking over the US border in minutes…

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