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What does a Moscow Mule, Bloody Mary and Espresso Martini all have in common? Vodka. Lots of delicious vodka.  But it’s high time we paid more attention to the clear spirit that goes into our drinks. If you know where to find the best of the best, then you can test out its complex tasting notes neat or on the rocks.

And luckily for you, we know just where to get a gold bottle of the finest, richest vodka – and you can be in for a chance to enjoy the experience for free. But let’s take you back to how it all started…

Beluga Vodka… The Best In All The Land

Back in 2002, cheers rippled through Siberia when the first batch of Beluga Noble Russian Vodka was born. This was the first ever bottle made by the Beluga vodka brand and remains a classic.

For those not fully acquainted with the label, this liquor is exceptionally smooth and full-bodied. The process to create such a unique taste involves both traditional production techniques and innovative methods. And the success of the very first bottle was the result of meticulous hard work by the masters of distilling at the Mariinsk Distillery in Russia.

The unique composition comes from a malt spirit and the purest water from the Siberian artesian wells. These carefully selected natural components pass through a filtering system that helps to smoothen the taste of the vodka.

Afterwards, the rich nectar is left to rest for 30 days to enhance the refined notes and soft flavour of this particular blend.

You Think That’s Impressive? You’ve Seen Nothing Yet

While the Beluga Noble Russian Vodka may have been around for only 18 years, the Mariinsk Distillery is turning 120 years old.

To mark this impressive milestone, the brand has launched a limited-edition Beluga Celebration bottle… and it’s covered in gold. The layer of gold lacquer is applied by screen printing before the iconic Beluga sturgeon is applied by hand (this funky looking fish is where the Beluga brand gets its name).

The clean and crisp Beluga Celebration vodka is an ideal tipple for the festive season as it can be served neat or paired with caviar or cold meats.

The manufacturing technology of the Beluga Celebration bottle is pretty complex. Master craftspeople apply a vacuum metallising process covering the glass with double platinum coating and gold lacquer. After that, they decorate the bottle using a silk screen painting method to ensure it oozes luxury.

The clean and crisp vodka is an ideal tipple for the festive season as it can be served neat or paired with caviar or cold meats to really up the tone of your family Christmas. Or perhaps try your hand at an artful cocktail, such as the citrussy Beluga 1900, the Beluga Flip (with maple syrup), the absinthe and anise Beluga Retro, or the refined Russian Porto.

But Where To Drink It?

Be ready to fully embrace the Beluga experience throughout London. Start at Selfridges with their Beluga-inspired window display and then try your hand at the Beluga Vodka Experience at the American Bar at The Stafford in St James’s, and the Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard London. For the latter, the Beluga pop-up is taking over the Sky Pool in the Gong bar, the highest hotel pool in Western Europe, and they’ll be serving up dedicated Beluga cocktails for all to enjoy.

In fact, we’ve made it a whole lot easier to enjoy these experiences with two exciting prizes to be won, so you can indulge in these Beluga experiences for free! Yes, we know, we’re far too generous sometimes.

Check out the prizes right here, including cocktails at The Stafford and Shangri-La and free bottles to take home.

Beluga Vodka Celebration, £39.99, 70 cl, 40% ABV. Available at Master of Malt, Selfridges and independent retailers.

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