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Like troglodytes emerging from the cave and into the light for the first time, Britons will be returning to pubs, restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, churches and cinemas from July 4th, it has been announced. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told parliament yesterday lunchtime that the great unlockdowning has officially begun. Alleluia!

Along with the confirmation of reopenings, Boris also told us that a review of the guidance around distancing has concluded that we can move from 2 metres to ‘1 meter plus’, giving the green light to the hospitality industry to reopen!

Against a backdrop of continued good coronavirus news, with virus cases down to pre-lockdown levels, the Prime Minister announced the end of lockdown as we know it, and we’re all going to raise a pint to that. Literally.

The announcement made by the government today, and starting on Saturday 4th July (American)Independence Day, that…

  • Restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars can reopen from 4th July ((American)Independence Day)
  • The current 2 metre social distancing guidance will be reduced to just 1 metre
  • Churches and places of worship will be permitted to gather and open again (for up to 30 people and without singing)
  • Weddings are to be allowed again (again with only 30 guests, the perfect excuse not to ask your ex)
  • Theme parks, amusement arcades, funfairs and even model villages have been given the thumbs up
  • Need a haircut? Your stylist will be looking stylish in a visor, but go ahead

The PM also had good news for anyone looking to socialise with friends and family. From 4th July any two households (of any size) will be permitted to meet, and they can head indoors too, or stay overnight, provided sensible distancing continues.

Of course, there will still be restrictions. Restaurants and pubs operating indoors will have to offer table service only and will need to collect contact details of diners, while some areas will remain closed (including gyms, spas, swimming pools, nail bars and tattoo parlours).

But this is a huge announcement and the best news since lockdown began, we now just need to decide which restaurant we want to visit first!

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