Everything changed this year, including the way we date. But the darker evenings and colder days point to an important time in the dating calendar… Cuffing season. 

Yup, it’s that time of year again where people ferociously date in the hope of finding a partner to cosy up with for the winter season, or at least, until we wait for the summer’s heat to arrive. But with this year looking so different, is that still the case? App Inner Circle spoke to 1000 single people to determine what cuffing season (the corona edition) looks like this year. Here’s what you need to know: 

Single people want to date, now. 

The pandemic has made us want to find a relationship more than ever. Over ¾ of people told Inner Circle that they felt lonely or isolated in the first lockdown. So it’s no surprise that this time around people are keen to pair up and keep one another company. 

Corona + cuffing = lockdown dating 

Lockdown or no lockdown, single people are keener than ever to date. 73% of people are comfortable dating, even if that means a 2m distanced walk in the park. Inner Circle have also reported that while matching is on the rise, so are the amount of quality conversations. The meaningless ‘hi’ as a conversation starter is on the decline and people are ready to start meeting genuine people. 

Dating has got serious 

Perhaps the best side effect of the pandemic. Ghosting and catfishing have been a steady part of the online dating experience, but Inner Circle tells us these behaviours might be left in 2020. Why? Because post-pandemic people want more meaningful and serious connections with others. Their recent survey suggested this at least.

Standards are still high

Despite the cuffing season rush, people are still taking the time to build deeper connections with their matches before they meet. The pandemic has taught us to pick our company carefully (you never know how much time you might end up spending with them…) so it’s reassuring to know people are taking things slow. Inner circle found 87% of people think it’s important to find someone you click with rather than settling. 

If you don’t know about Inner Circle, it’s the app that challenges users to up their dating game. By screening each new member, no fake accounts or people with weird intentions get onto the platform. They also used to host parties every month in cities all over the world. These are on hold for now, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for 2021.

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