I’ve had my fair share of blind dates. Thanks to the weird worlds of internet dating, Photoshop and catfishing, even when you think you know what a person will look like, it ends up being very far from the truth. But I have never, ever been on a date with a person dressed as a giant fox, panda or alien.

But that’s what contestants on the new Netflix show ‘Sexy Beasts’ can expect to find on a series of blind dates that encourage people to look further than skin deep.

What do the contestants have to do?

Each episode sees a singleton look for love dressed up as a weird creature with the aim of them finding love based purely on personality. They have three people to choose from, each one with a face full of prosthetics. However, the big twist is that the singleton will only see their faces after they’ve made their final decision based entirely on conversation (wow, are we really all this shallow…?)

Do looks really matter?

That’s the question that the show is trying to discover through this utterly bizarre program. With heaps of prosthetics and scary looking Halloween-like masks, they are delving deeper into the question: is love really blind?

Isn’t this just a rip off of other shows?

I mean, you’re not far off. There’s a show on Netflix called ‘Love is Blind’ where contestants look for love and even get engaged before meeting the other person. And another show called ‘The Masked Singer’ which is where contestants audition solely on their vocals while they’re dressed up as a massive banana or a giant squid. Anyway… you get the gist. Netflix says it’s like a love child of these two shows.

But in actual fact, it’s a carbon copy of BBC 3’s show of the same name which was aired back in 2014. We can only assume they sold the rights or something because it is exactly the same. (We guessed right, Lion TV has sold the show to Netflix.)

Is it true that Rob Delaney is narrating the show?

Yes, the one saving grace is that top comedian and actor (you may have seen him in ‘Catastrophe’) Rob Delaney is narrating the show. You can expect his sharp wit and dry comments to be sprinkled throughout. Honestly, I’ll be watching it for just that reason.

Who made the masks?

A grand total of 48 makeup designs were created for the show by  prosthetic artist Kristyan Mallett. He’s a leading FX artist who has worked on everything from “Black Mirror” to “The Theory of Everything” – they really splashed out for this show.

Is the show any good?

It’s trash TV at it’s finest. And Netflix must think it’s hilarious, because they’ve signed up for two seasons.

When is it?

The six-part show is being released globally on 21 July on Netflix. Grab a Maltesers share bag and settle in for the ride.

A grand total of 48 makeup designs were created for the show by  prosthetic artist Kristyan Mallett.

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