What a summer for sport. Despite a devastating loss for England in the Euros’s final, and Wimbledon becoming a distant memory, the excitement of sporting festivities is still high. With the 2020 Olympics at a close, highlighted by Tom Daley’s poolside knitting, and the Paralympics due to begin we can’t get enough of the stuff. Football didn’t quite come home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your kicks with your mates anyway (pun intended).

Whether you are a die-hard footie fan or more of a sideline supporter you can’t deny the sense of pride than comes alongside any football match. But what about off-season? What about when the floodlights turn off, and the jerseys are hung out to dry? Once again London has stepped up, with the launch of an interactive football and dining experience at the O2; just in time for kick-off.

Introducing Toca Social, the hottest place to get your frustrations out and challenge your colleagues or mates to some friendly competition.

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand (or foot, rather) at being England’s best striker then you’ve found the right place. Immerse yourself in interactive games that bridge the physical and digital worlds in the UK’s first football-based social entertainment and dining experience. Even if you’re no Lionel Messi you can still get involved, all with a delicious ‘Wred Card’ cocktail in hand.


Challenge your colleagues or mates to some friendly competition

Three years in the making, Toca Social started off in a warehouse in Acton and has made its way to one of London’s largest venues, The O2 Greenwich. Synonymous with the biggest music acts and the Emirates cable cars it’s no wonder that Toca have taken up residence in the most ideal spot on the Thames.

Wander through their light tunnel- complete with the audio of cheering fans- into the Midfield Bar where you’ll find an open plan dining area fringed with individual boxes. Don’t worry if you’ve worn your shiny new shoes, the Boot Room has you covered with the perfect pair to get you ready for kick-off. Once you’re set with the right gear you have a few options to help you get into the zone. From the foosball table to the photo booth, there’s something for even the most sceptical players. Ease yourself into the big leagues with games like Striker and Eliminator, all accompanied by their delicious nibbles. Michelin trained chef Ross Clarke has curated a menu inspired by modern Americana with dishes such as the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich and Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl.

Premier league players, Euro’s qualifiers and World Cup champs all have that extra VIP status- and Toca has this covered too with their exclusive upstairs area. Book yourself into their mezzanine floor for a more private night out, away from any adoring fans. Corporate boxes are perfect for a team bonding night, or if you just fancy beating your boss at something.

You’ll have access to their upstairs bar where you can sip on a ‘Hard Melonade’ cocktail surrounded by artwork by Ben Eine. Each box can host up to 12 players, so the more the merrier. Between AJ Tracey on the playlist and the potential to thrash your colleagues in competitive sport, it’s a sure win for a work night out to remember.

Grab the gang and get ready to feel overly competitive about every strike. For any of those who are doubtful, it’s worth a shot (last pun, I promise).

Time to dig out your old kit…

Toca Social opens to the public on 12th August


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