A brand new thriller starring Jessica Alba is set to debut on Netflix in the near future: Confessions On The 7:45, based on the best selling thriller novel of the name by Lisa Unger, was recently confirmed by the streaming giant to be in the works.

Netflix has been on something of a hot streak with thriller novel adaptations recently, with films like The Weekend Away and The Luckiest Girl Alive creating a buzz online. Confessions looks to continue this trend by adapting the original book into a series, with the plot focusing on a working mother who’s life is thrown into chaos and disarray after a chance meeting on a train.

The novel is being adapted for the screen by Charise Castro Smith, co-writer of Disney hit Encanto. The film will see Alba star as main character Selena, who is overstressed and overworked living as a single mother dealing with issues at home. Her life turns upside down after starting a conversation with a stranger on a train, and everything begins to unravel. As she navigates revelations and betrayals, Selena must perserve and find out whether you can ever really know those closest to you.

Alba, who is also executive producer on the upcoming series, has certainly given her thumbs up on the novel’s quality, saying to Deadline: “I could not put this book down. The moment I read the line, ‘If you want to keep a secret you must first hide it from yourself,’ I was hooked… …[it’s] about trying to bury secrets and the shame we carry until the truth exposes us. I can’t think of a more exciting person to partner with on this project. Charise is so ridiculously talented and truly gets every nuance under the skin of these characters and their web of lies.”

Selena's life turns upside down after starting a conversation with a stranger on a train...

With a plot resembling the works of Patricia Highsmith like The Talented Mr Ripley and Strangers on a Train, the series needs a good show runner to keep the tension going across the episodes. Luckily, Castro-Smith has the credentials: alongside Encanto, she also worked on Netflix’s acclaimed horror miniseries The Haunting of Hill House, Sweetbitter and The Exorcist series.

A plot resembling the works of Patricia Highsmith...

Unfortunately, at this moment in time, not a huge amount else is known about the new series, besides Alba and Castro-Smith’s involvement. There’s been no official photos yet, nor other cast members besides the lead, indicating the series probably won’t be released until at least late this year, and possibly 2023. The Handbook will make sure to report on any upcoming info that’s released, and for now you can buy a copy of the original book if you’re interested (or not if you want to avoid spoilers!).


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