One of the most famous department stores and one of the most famous board games are colliding in December… Oxford Street titan Selfridges has created a new station in its toy department dedicated entirely to Monopoly.

We covered a Monopoly restaurant earlier this year, and now the hugely popular (and controversial within families) board game can be personalised to your heart’s content. Grab yourself one of these “Monopoly By You” editions, and you can whack your name onto the board so that you and your family can truly call it your own.

The boards themselves cost £35, which seems reasonable, and there’s more than just boards to buy. You can also pick out different tokens to play with, including ones in both silver and gold versions,  if you’re feeling fancy. These are the tokens line up that Hasbro has sold in recent years, after ones like Iron and Wheelbarrow were killed off.

The process to getting one of these boards is pretty simple: just head to the fourth floor of Selfridges where the toy department is located, find and scan a QR code, which takes you to an app which allows you to input all the details you want to put on the board. Then just sit tight and wait, and your board will arrive shortly after. And of course, you can pick up some tokens.

The popup station only lasts until Sunday 12th December, so don your Monopoly hat and get over there if boardgames are your thing. If you’re unable to though, don’t fret, you can still order one from the Selfridges website. You’ll need to place your order with them by the 19th December to guarantee a delivery before Christmas itself.

On Monopoly’s own website, you can also order all manner of personalised Monopoly items, like tea towels, art prints, tote bags and more. If you are or you know any Monopoly super-fans, there’s a ton to choose from. It’s somewhat amusing that the game about capitalism has so much merchandise for sale. “You Can Never Beat The Bank”, as one of the art prints cheerfully reminds you.

There's only a few days left to get your deed cards in order and visit...

The Monopoly station is, I repeat, only open until Sunday, so there’s only a few days left to get your deed cards in order and visit. Selfridges itself isn’t a bad shout at this time of year anyway, and if you go this early you can save yourself some last minute panic buying on the 24th because you forgot to buy your aunt something. Again.


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