It’s one of the most popular dramas of the last decade- and now the acclaimed show Killing Eve is coming to an end with its fourth and final series. It’s coming to BBC One and iPlayer at the end of the month, as well as BBC America.

The new series will conclude the story that began in 2018, which has seen the titular MI5 agent Eve becoming obsessed with Villanelle, the sociopathic assassin she is assigned to capture. The obsession becomes mutual, and unfolds throughout the three series that have aired so far, and now the pair seem set on a path with a dark, devastating end.

We left Eve and Villanelle last at the end of Series 3, (spoilers!) where the pair seemed pretty determined on going their separate ways on London Bridge. After a tumultuous series of events that left several key characters dead (we’ll try not to spoil too much!), both agent and assassin agreed to turn their backs, walk away, and never look back. But of course, it isn’t that simple (and both do in fact literally look back at each other on the bridge). Cue Series 4.

The plot details for Series 4 are a bit thin on the ground, as you’d expect from the final series of such a high stakes drama. Though the show is based off a novel series, it’s deviated from Luke Jenning’s original work somewhat, and it’s confirmed that these last episodes of the show will be fairly different from the final book Die For Me which released in 2020. While some held the opinion that Series 3 had a dip in quality from the previous episodes, we can’t wait to see how everything wraps up in the fourth.

From much of the promotional images as well as the trailers that have been released by the BBC, there seem to be a lot of hints toward some kind of redemption for Villanelle- not only does she seem to express remorse for a murder in the trailer, but she’s been pictured wearing religious robes and with an angelic appearance. Eve meanwhile will have to finally deal with her confused feelings that have developed for the assassin- if she can.

The cat and mouse story centring on Sandra Oh’s agent Eve Polastri and Jodie Comer’s murderous Villanelle fast became a phenomenon as the first series aired in 2018, bolstered by series creator and head writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s recent huge success with her sitcom Fleabag. While Oh was already known for her long running role in medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, her performance in Killing Eve has cemented her as one TV’s best actors.

Jodie Comer meanwhile shot to household name status with her portrayal of Villanelle, which landed her an Emmy award for Series 2. The show has also become iconic for it’s eclectic fashion choices, most of which coming from the Russian killer and setting it apart from similar shows, as well as for the loaded relationship between Eve and Villanelle. 

The final series is sure to be explosive...

The final series releases on the 27th of February, and will be available on iPlayer for catch up on the same day. Though Killing Eve‘s original channel BBC Three has recently returned to our airwaves, the final series will be on BBC One. There’ll be the usual eight episodes, and then we’ll sadly have to say goodbye to the tense story and vibrant fashion of one of TV’s all time best shows. With Comer and the show’s creators saying they want to end on a high note, the final series is sure to be explosive.


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