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The Handbook

Fed up of endless games of two-player snap? Or, looking for ways to tare your boyfriend away from Fifa 20 or maybe you’ve become too addicted to Animal Crossing and you’re the one in need of switching it up. Whatever the reason, we’ve got a board game for that.

Freshen up your two-player board game regime with our favourite tried-and-tested 24 alternatives that’ll keep you entertained for hours on end (or at least until you can bring out the multiplayer games post-lockdown).

The Classics

Nothing is ever quite as good as the original, and the same absolutely goes for the original board games that have kept generation after generation entertained.

Your nan probably has the first edition monopoly knocking about in the back of her games cupboard but while we can’t visit our nearest and dearest for a game of Jenga or mancala, recreate the tradition by investing in your own classic board games that’ll entertain you for days on end. Next stop, Fleet Street.

Crazy Alternatives

Switch up your board game regime by throwing in a few new games into the works. This weekend you’ll be able to find us singing-along with James Cordon in his Carpool Karaoke board game edition, creating towering high-rises for our friend Rhino Hero to swing from and venturing back to Birmingham just after World War One.

Card Games

Thought the only two player card games involved snap and patience? You were oh so wrong. From solving mysteries to delving deep into your isolation partner’s love life, revisiting your favourite London landmarks to playing with kittens, there’s something for everyone among this deck of games.

A personal favourite has to be Codenames Duet, which keeps the same basic rules of its older sibling (Codenames) but now you’re working with your sidekick to find all of your agents. Pop on your detective hat and let’s solve some clues.

Mind Bogglers

Looking for something that’ll rattle your brain during this strange, strange time? These four mind boggling games will quite literally see you and your isolation buddy pulling your hair out as you try to unravel the clues and answers.

Word Games

There’s nothing quite like a good o’game of Scrabble so why not challenge your isolation buddy and battle it out until the end (well, until you run out of letters). Bananagrams is a great alternative to Scrabble too (and there’s no maths involved!)

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