Few things bring me more joy than Liberty’s and Christmas. And last week the two joined festive forces to put a gleeful (if a little premature) smile on my face, as the iconic London department store opened the doors to its famous Christmas Shop. Too soon? Never. 

If it feels like Christmas gets earlier each year (it’s officially only 102 days away), that’s because it does, and Liberty is taking gold this year as the first big retailer to launch their Christmas Shop. Up on Floor Four you can shop the brand’s imitable selection of Christmas decorations, from OOT wreaths to quirky baubles and stylish wrapping. So if you’re the type to tuck into mince pies in March or wouldn’t bat an eyelid at mulled wine in May, then a trip to the Regent Street store is a given.

If you’re the type to tuck into mince pies in March or wouldn’t bat an eyelid at  mulled wine in May, then get yourself to Liberty's fourth floor.

As always, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better edit of all things Christmas – the Liberty buyers are second to none when it comes to festive fare – with a selection of over 1,200 decorations to choose from. There are your classic reindeers and sprigs of mistletoe, robins and antiqued glass baubles for the Christmas purists. But in true Liberty style, there are plenty of kitsch, quirky and downright random decorations on offer too. Think baubles in the shape of laptops and headphones – because 18 months of WFH isn’t enough, we need to remind ourselves of it by hanging it on the tree – felt mince pies for a crafty feel, and whimsical unicorns to add some magic to your fern. All in all, everything you could possibly want out of a Christmas department, even if it is only September. 

Although it may not actually be deemed Christmas until 1st December, it’s worth getting in there early. I’ve previously visited Liberty’s Christmas department in the week leading up to Christmas in the hope of picking up some last minute decorations only to find the shelves pretty bare – people go wild for the selection each year. And the now cult Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar has become the store’s fastest selling product in its 146 year history. It’s safe to say the brand has the festive season nailed. In fact, (fun fact courtesy of the Liberty press team) the store sells over 150,000 baubles each year, which if laid down would stretch for over six miles. 

If you’re keen to get organised early or are simply on the lookout for some premature festive cheer – let’s not forget Boris pretty much killed Christmas last year so we’re going to milk it for all it’s worth – then get yourselves to Liberty’s fourth floor. I’ll see you by the giant Brussel sprout wreaths. 

Find the Liberty Christmas Department on the Fourth Floor at Liberty London, Regent Street, Carnaby W1B 5AH

Or shop some of the collection online at libertylondon.com

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