Licence To Dine: A Bond Themed Dinner Series Comes To London

No Time to Die’s release may be postponed until November but The Rubens at the Palace has stepped in to craft a Bond themed night that’s set to shake, not stir.

Don your dinner jacket and black tie and channel your inner Bond, Bloefeld or Bond-girl as you settle in for a night of seven courses worth their weight in Goldfinger, all crafted by chef Ben Kelliher.

Celebrating the classic James Bond movies, you’ll want to dress to impress in your finest robes as you waltz your way down the red carpet and into a night of glitz and glamour. Settle in as you begin your evening in The Palace Lounge, enjoying canapés, sipping on Bollinger and enjoying live music before heading on to the main event in The English Grill where Bond classics will be performed by Danielle and the Zim Zam Katz.

Over in The English Grill, Chef Kelliher will be putting his culinary skills through their paces, perfecting a menu that even the most lavish Bond villain couldn’t fault. Kelliher commented that: “The new 007 movie gave us inspiration for our second dinner in our Dinner Series for 2020.

“With the glitz and glamour that goes hand in hand with James Bond, we want to offer our guests an evening that they won’t forget.” To this end every course has been curated to include eight of the best Bond movies. All of which will of course be paired alongside Bollinger Champagne and a damn fine martini or two.

For Silviu Stan, director of Bars at The Rubens and responsible for the creative beverages, the perfect martini is composed of three things: a frozen martini glass, a quality frozen gin or vodka with a splash of vermouth rinse, and a quality garnish. Stan added, “all of the above create a spectacular martini but ultimately it will only be perfect if your bartender has made it with style, passion and a genuine smile,” all of which will be on show at this Bond themed dinner series.

On the food front, the expertly themed dishes include Octopussy, made up of braised octopus, Jersey Royal potatoes, chorizo and lemon vinaigrette; Licence to Kill crafted of baked bix brie, onion chutney, and bacon and sage brioche; and a tempting dessert of white chocolate mousse, textures of raspberry and hazelnut soil inspired by The World is not Enough.

Dress like you belong in a Bond movie and settle in for an evening of glamour, charm and culinary expertise. End the night on a high note by trying your hand at the Roulette and Black Jack tables.

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