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Fyre Festival: In Their Own Words

We've laid our hands on the original pitch deck for Fyre Festival, and it's a treasure trove for anyone who's a fan of the hit Netflix documentary. So here's Fyre, in their own words...

Why Everyone’s Going Mad For This Netflix Show About Tidying Up

Forget Netflix-and-chill, the latest trend is Netflix-and-rearrange-your-garage. There’s something strange going on in ‘cupboards of doom’ and ‘man drawers’ across the nation, and it’s all thanks to Marie Kondo. The Japanese writer and possibly the world’s...

Why Being Single Is The New Sexy And How To Own It

It has been declared that 2019 is the year for all the single ladies. Lelo, guru on all things sexy, has predicted that this year, more than ever, women will be choosing to stay single. Being footloose and fancy free has its blatant perks. Here we take you on a (wolf) whistle stop tour of who’s...

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How To Turn Your 25 Days Annual Leave Into 55 Days Holiday in 2019

Along with plagues of frogs, locusts and the slaying of first-borns, sits the curse of working between Christmas and New Year. If you’re down for the graveyard shift this year then you’ll be doubly kicking yourself under your desk while everyone else knocks back egg nog and pigs in...

Articles You’ve Loved the MOST In 2018

It’s been rather a good year for The Handbook if we say so ourselves (always have to back yourself), we’ve launched our travel section, branched out into lifestyle and you lot seem to be enjoying it. As 2018 comes to a close, we look back at the most popular content of the year.

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9 Secrets To Influencer and Celebrity Targeting

I constantly have to remind my members and subscribers that celebrity association should not be an option. It should be part of every company’s marketing plan. In today’s world celebrities and influencers dominate social media, news headlines, TV channels and people’s conversations, with...

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Donate A Coat, Change A Life This Christmas

Look forward to snuggling up by a warm fire this Christmas, opening stockings with children and sipping Champagne or eggnog (yuk!). Bing Crosby on the radio and surrounded by family and loved ones. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Unless you’re homeless, that is. Christmas is...

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Spider Week Is ON! 8 (Humane) Ways To Get Rid Of Spiders

It’s 2am, you’re mid-way through an arachnid-riddled nightmare, when suddenly a slight brush across the cheek makes your sleep encrusted eyes crack open. Your head turns slightly to one side, and there it is. A big black, hairy house spider, who’s decided he’s cotchin’...

Nobody Puts These 10 Best Rom-Coms In The Corner

Classic rom-coms are the beating heart of love stories, the “nobody puts baby in the corner” heart throbs, and the cheesy screen-kissing go-to’s that make you want to delete your Tinder app and climb up a ferris wheel to meet the girl of your dreams, circa Rylan Gosling in The...

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Why We Should All Be Putting This Machine Up Our Vaginas

When my Deputy Editor handed me a pelvic floor trainer saying ‘you probably need to give this a try’, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, or what my male colleague Phil thought must be going on up my va-jay-jay (very little, as it happens: online dating’s a minefield).

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